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Tuesday, 21 February 2017

(READ) Open letter to all Uniben Male Students

Considering the recent theft activities  in the female hostel of residence  (hall 2), I
register my displeasure in the åct. 
 These are our sisters,  we are their brothers.  We are one big family here in UNIBEN. We are not supposed to hurt them, rather we are to love and protect them. Not supposed to rape and steal from them, but to protect them from  external harm proprietators. 
To that guy who derives pleasure in raping and stealing from our beautiful hall 2 sisters and other female hostel victims, believe me, nemesis will catch up with you sooner than you can imagine, be you a student or not, you will be caught soon, maybe before or on your next attempt. 
I appeal all UNIBEN brothers, let's look after these girls, they are our sisters, and they are one of the many reasons UNIBEN is fun. We can't deny the fact that hall 2 car park is fun to be because these beautiful sisters are there🤓. 
I also want to appeal to the UNIBEN securities,  SUG body and all relevant authorities to do something about this ugly act as soon as possible . 
To the thief and others  planning to do same, be warned......

LSzaboong live SUG   


 CREDITS: Emofurieta Law ⚖key

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