Monday 20 February 2017

SHOCKING: Popular Uniben female hostel Hall 2 robbed in the early hours of today- Part 3

Below is the part 3 of the robbery incident.

Fast forward to 8:30 a.m this morning, I was sleeping again and another noise. The Dean of students' Uniben and his entourage were in the hostel. They paid a visit to the room that was robbed, spent a lot of time there, the hall2 P.E.O (the woman in charge of hall2) finally graced us with her presence then wearing her pepper red lipstick, the same officer who said or did nothing sometime last month while girls were locked out of the hostel by 11pm at night until a good Samaritan had to call the Dean's wife to beg the Dean to call the woman to let them in. The said hostel has no Hall excos while the sister hostel Hall1 has long concluded their elections.  When they finally made it downstairs, we all stood by the balcony waiting and the next thing I heard " we can now cook with hotplate (electric cooker)". Hellooo?? Are we playing here?
And the girls were screaming joyously.Now I heard there was a similar episode in Ekehuan Campus last night. No one is saying anything.  But "food is power" so, hotplate wins!To be continued...
Narrated by Hon. Zainab Eze

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