Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Payment of academic record files by newly admitted students via remita - see steps!!

Payments for academic record files are made online via ‘remita’. Below are the

- Visit www.remita.net
-Select ‘Pay A Federal Government Agency’
Type in ‘University of Benin’ in the spaces provided and select the best option that appears. It usually appears as ‘University of Benin 003’ 
Select the kind of payment you want to make from the list. That is, select ‘record file’ from the list of options. You can also type it manually, if ‘record file’ is not on the list.
- Enter amount i.e (#3,000)Fill out the online payment form for record file.
Print out the remita slip in step 5 and proceed to First bank for your teller.
Take the teller to Bursary and obtain an original Bursary receipt. Bursary department is the ‘white’ building very close to the main auditorium.
Proceed with your original bursary receipt to Exams and Records for collection of your record files.
fill out your record files accordingly and attach all necessary documents and passport photographs and submit to the respective offices for collection.

you can call the following numbers for remita payment assistance  08133881166, 07039548930.
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Unknown said...

I really don't understand why ur not replying the third. Batchers let us know our fate so would take another step na

Anonymous said...

We really need to know

Ejini Emmanuel said...

posts about admission list on this blog refers to every candidates who have not yet been given admission. From first batch to last, supplementary list as well.


What is MDA in the remita site

Anonymous said...

Can't I take the teller to the bursary like that instead of taking it to the bank.