Tuesday 21 February 2017

SECURITY : School Management to intensify school security, gives more safety information - Read Below

The Management of the UNIVERSITY has promised to take swift actions in ensuring
that measures are put in place to guarantee our security in the Halls of Residence and the University environment because there is no higher priority of the School Authority than the security of students, staff, Properties of the University and visitors on the Campus.        


☆ All staff and students are hereby directed to always display the University Identification card on themselves while on campus.     

☆ The security personnel have been mandated to request for identity cards from all persons on campus.

☆ Do not hesitate to report suspicious activity or individuals.

☆Do not attempt to enter into conversation  with suspicious individuals. 

☆Learn the best routes between your Hall of Residence and your classes and activities. *Take the safest route, not the fastest route*.

☆ Walk in a well-lit, heavily travelled areas at night.


☆Never lend out your room keys or I.D.   

☆Do not leave valuables in the open, and do not carry a lot of cash.

☆ Always lock your room door, even if you only leave for a few minutes.

☆ Raise an alarm whenever a "foreign body" is noticed.

☆ Be your brothers keeper and work together because security is everyone's business and a collective responsibility. 


☆ Avoid studying alone in a building late at night.

☆ Avoid walking around dark corners when you are tired studying.      

☆ Do not sleep while charging your laptops or phones.                        

☆ Leave your laptop or phone or bag in the company of your friend or friends while leaving the class to take a rest outside or get a drink. 
Be vigilant and report any suspicious movement to the nearest security post or call the following numbers... 07060455734, 08105963123, 08062480589, 08060976979, 08055644704, 08056033169, 08023444134, 08023344358, 08038841011, 08060595577.

Any security lapses observed in our Halls of Residence, structurally or Humanly can be channelled to the Porters or Hall Executives for appropriate reportage.  

Security in our Halls of Residence is a collective responsibility                

YOUR SAFETY MATTERS               

(Chairman Commitee on Security, 08165778808).

© Dean of Student
© Chief Security Officer 
© Head of Intelligence

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