Thursday 4 January 2018

IMPORTANT: Official Format for Guarantors letter - see details!!!

Some of you may be wondering how a guarantors letter looks like. Well see format Below.......

[this space provided should

Contain your house address.


The Registrar,

Univeristy of Benin

P.M.B 1154,


Benin City, Edo State.

Dear Sir/Madam,

I, [ Guarantor's name] hereby stand as a guarantor for [your full name] who has been offered admission by the University of Benin, Benin city, Edo State, to study [put your course], Faculty of [put your faculty], University of Benin, Benin City, Edo Sate. I shall be Responsible for his/her financial needs throughout his/her stay at the University of Benin.He/she is of good behavior and will abide by the rules and regulations throughout his/her period of study at the University of Benin.

Yours faithfully.


                                                  [YOUR GUARANTOR'S NAME]   

Please note that your guarantor can be either of your parents(dad or mum) it can also be your sponsor. It must be typed!!!!!! 
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Anonymous said...

Sir please reply this is the fifth time I'm asking didn't you create this platform to help us,please don't leave us hanging my page is still showing submitted please what do I do? Does that mean I wasn't admitted

Ejini Emmanuel said...

The issue of second batch has earlier been addressed on this page. Second batch is not yet out. because they are still compiling. keep checking your page for the new notice.

Anonymous said...

Are school fees and acceptance fee separate?

Ejini Emmanuel said...

yes, they are separate from each other

Unknown said...

Please any idea about the second batch

Unknown said...

I scored 243 appplied for BSC nursing, tho I was among the third batch screening

Unknown said...

Pls i need ur help....what ant the second batch pls....when they release it

Anonymous said...

Hw much is school fees for faculty of b.m.s

Anonymous said...

Pls hw much is school fees for faculty of b.m.s. I also heard abt asuu strike, does it affect physical clearance?

Anonymous said...

pls sir can someone resume lectures with just payment of acceptance fee? and wen wud the school fees payment stop?
thanks alot!!!!!

Ejini Emmanuel said...

you can resume after finishing your physical clearance. it depends on your departmental time table

Unknown said...

hello,please when will new MSc students resume?

Anonymous said...

Do we have to type a new guarantors letter after the one we uploaded?? Both the acceptance letter??

Unknown said...

Good morning sir. Please will clearance for the newly admitted students still commence on the 8th despite the ongoing strike by the non academic staff Union or will it be postponed

Ejini Emmanuel said...

The strike is not going to affect it.

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Anonymous said...

Sir is it true that guarantors letter must be from church or any religious business org?