Monday 20 February 2017

SHOCKING: Popular Uniben female hostel Hall 2 robbed in the early hours of today- Part 2

Below is the part 2 of the robbery incident.

The girls in the room after mine 306 block E were lamenting, apparently the thief made it to their room, one of the occupants woke up and saw him, then he ran away. And she went back to sleep.We had not even finished talking about that issue when the girls in 408 block E, the room of the girl who ran to ours started screaming, we rushed upstairs. The guy finally got lucky. He had taken their phones and some gadgets. He even managed to steal hot plate that was plugged to the socket. This was the last straw as hell let loose...Believe me you don't want to be around girls when there's drama, they panic, scream, mostly irrational and confused, before you know it they rub off on you. Several times the screams were so loud we actually thought they had caught the thief in other blocks.Oh yes the potters did come, I had already lost interest and gone to my room but my sources tell me there were two male potters, a woman and one security guard. The woman in question said she was sick and didn't want stress. This woman who stressed herself along with some others some time last week, going round all the rooms seizing the hot plates girls in cooking and shoes on the louvers. All of a sudden, she doesn't want to be stressed. Oh let me not even get started on all the snide comments they all made. That is not the aim of this story. Maybe some other time.Of course the potters couldn't help us, and the hall2 girls have had enough. I am quite old in the system and even before our time, this has been an issue. "Clementus" as they like to call any thief who makes it inside. . Nothing has ever been done except the potters turning around to blame us for being careless while we were robbed in our sleep.So the girls took matters in their own hands and decided to protest. The crowd went as far as Uniben main gate and would have gone farther had the security men opened the gate. They did plead with us though. The SUG President and P.R.O were there to manage the situation. 
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