Monday 20 February 2017

SHOCKING: Popular Uniben female hostel Hall 2 robbed in the early hours of today- Part 1

Below is you find the story of the robbery incident that took place in the popular Uniben
female hostel "HALL 2" .  As narrated by Hon. Zainab Eze.  Read below...

In case you were wondering why there was chaos in the female school hostel (hall 2) this morning. This is to ease your stress so you can go back to reading your books... if you were not wondering, just enjoy the story.At about 3a.m this morning, a female voice woke me up with her screams of "thief thief thief", I stood up and rushed outside, I didn't take long before I heard another voice and several footsteps, then a voice asking which direction the thief went to. Apparently it wasn't just one guy. Thinking the situation has been resolved, I went back into my room, all plans of going to the reading room to study was cancelled and not after I had used all the bags in the room to wedge the door behind as most doors in the hostel had no inside bolt or lock, only then was I able to sleep. Our room didn't even have light bulb.At about 5:30a.m, a girl ran to our room shaking with panic. She saw a guy in her room, he wore a black shirt and Jean trouser. She called her bunkie on phone while in our room, who didn't see anyone. At that time, they were still oblivious of the situation. Her bunk mate and some of my roommates tried to convince her otherwise, maybe she was hallucinating as she spent all night reading and was just coming from the reading room, she remained adamant though. "I know what I saw". The girl in question didn't understand why she couldn't scream on seeing the thief. Her only instinct was to run far far away and she didn't stop till she saw her fellow roommate who had a friend in my room which explains why they ended up there. I tried to act uninterested as I hadn't slept much after the 3am episode, I still had studying to do but life had other plans for me, 
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