Wednesday 10 February 2016

Interview with the 2nd runner up - Queen Awele

Read the interview below..

Uniben Gist: What's your name?

Winner: Good day everyone, my name is Cynthia Awele Igho (2nd runner Up - Face of Uniben)

Uniben Gist: How did you come to know about the Miss Uniben 2016?

Winner: Initially when I heard about it, I didn't want to get the form because there was a beauty pageant that was organized in the University of Benin that didn't hold. I also thought that miss Uniben will be like that, so I didn't want to get the form. But when I made contacts I was told it will hold. Then I thought of giving it a trial at least I will have a lot to learn.

Uniben Gist: What will you say promted you to go for it?

Winner: I think its because of the experience. I really wanted the experience. So I saw Miss Uniben as a platform to gain such experience

Uniben Gist: How was the first round? And how were you able to make the first round?

Winner: The first stage was a little bit tacky. Like I saw a lot of beautiful girls. But my major reason was to get the experience not really competing. At least it will be an opportunity to meet people.

Uniben Gist: How would you describe your stay in camp?

Winner: Like the queen said, it was one of the best two weeks of her life. And it was the same with me. It was really great, I really enjoyed myself.

Uniben Gist: Were the girls separated into groups?

Winner: Yes, we were separated into two groups. I was in Hall 2 group. And we were always saying among ourselves that the winner must come from this room.

Uniben Gist: Did your parents support you?

Winner: Yes, they did. I was really glad my brother came all the way from Lagos to watch me. I was really happy.

Uniben Gist: On the day of the main event how were you feeling?

Winner: Well to tell you the truth I was tensed oo. Well not really the competition thing but the crowd. But i was feeling happy.

Uniben Gist: Where you thinking at that moment that you will emerge the winner?

Winner: Well I was skeptical about it. But I believed that I will be among the top 5.

Uniben Gist: Like you said you were expecting to be among the winners. When the top 5 was announced, you were among. After the 3rd was  announced, 4 girls were left from the top 5. So can you describe your mode at that particular time?

Winner: Well, I was tensed. At first i was happy i made it to top 5. At least even if i didn't win I will say that I was among top 5. I never expected that I will be called as the 2nd runner up. I was really excited.

Uniben Gist: What do you have to say to the metro team and to the University of Benin?

Winner: To the Metro Team, I really want to say thank you for the event, the experience and So I on. I want to thank the students of the University of Benin, for coming and making it a success you presence really mattered. God bless Metro team and Uniben.

Uniben Gist: What do you have to say your department, were they there to support you?

Winner: To my people, I want to say thank you for coming. Though we were having our induction dinner, few were able to make it. But I received a lot of messages from them. Thank you all.

Yes, that was it all. Watch out for her official photos.

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Congrats. The journey of been a model has started!