Wednesday 10 February 2016

Interview with The Miss Uniben 2016 winner - Queen Nicole

Uniben Gist had an interview with the Winner of Miss Uniben 2016. Read what she has to say about the event.

Uniben Gist: What's your name?

Winner: Good day everyone, my name is Awanrin Nicole Osazeme

Uniben Gist: How did you come to know about the Miss Uniben 2016?

Winner: Basically, I got it from a friend. She told me about the Miss Uniben thing. I was totally impressed with the price and everything. So I was encouraged to go for it.

Uniben Gist: What will you say promted you to go for it?

Winner: Ever since I was a child, I always wanted to be a model. I had friends who encouraged and supported me. My friends keep telling me.. Hey Nicole you have the body, height and everything.

Uniben Gist: How was the first round? And how were you able to make the first round?

Winner: At the first audition at ekehuan campus we were 18 girls and they were all beautiful. At the auditions, there were questions and I answered very well. Also the cat walk. I walked very well and the judges were impressed.

Uniben Gist: How would you describe your stay in camp?

Winner: O my God(OMG). it was amazing, that was one of the best weeks of my life. It was really interesting. It was fun all the way.

Uniben Gist: Were the girls separated into groups?

Winner: yes, there were two (2) groups. Hall 1 and Hall 2 and I was in the Hall 2 group.

Uniben Gist: Did you have any bestie in camp?

Winner: Well, I have friends in my room. We all had to work together. I liked everybody, I won't say I had a particular one.

Uniben Gist: On the day of the main event how were you feeling?

Winner: I was definitely nervous. I was really really nervous.

Uniben Gist: Where you thinking at that moment that you will emerge the winner?

Winner: Well, what can I say. I was definitely expecting to be among the 3 winners I had faith that I was going to win.

Uniben Gist: Like you said you were expecting to be among the winners. When the top 5 was announced, you were among. After the 3rd and 2nd has been announced, 3 girls were left from the top 5. So can you describe your ode at that particular time?

Winner: Lol, at that particular moment I was extremely nervous. I was like "lord please let him call contestant number 10'' that was my number. So when he finally called contestants number 10. Wowwwww. OMG I was so so happy, that i almost started crying.

Uniben Gist: What do you have to say to the metro team and to the University of Benin?

Winner: To the Metro Team, I really want to say thank you from the depth of my heart thank you for bringing up this awesome show. I want to thank the students of the University of Benin, for coming and making it a success. God bless Metro team and Uniben.

Uniben Gist: What do you have to say your department, were they there to support you?

Winner: Yes they were there to support me. Though some were not able to come because of our freshers welcome party. But the few who were present were all shouting NICOLE NICOLE. I want to say thank you to those present and those who were not.

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