Wednesday 10 February 2016

Interview with the 3rd Runner- Queen Onome

Read below the interview we had with the 3rd runners up...

Uniben Gist: What's your name?

Winner: Good day everyone, my name is Egbabor- Fred Onome Providence (3nd runner Up- Uniben Miss xceptional)

Uniben Gist: How did you come to know about the Miss Uniben 2016?

Winner: l got to know about it from a friend. He told me that the show was coming up so he bought the form for me.

Uniben Gist: What will you say promted you to go for it?

Winner: My friends has been supporting me on this. They encouraged me to go for it. So I went for it.

Uniben Gist: How was the first round? And how were you able to make the first round?

Winner: I saw many beautiful girls that was going to contest with me. I was scared though. It was not easy at all.
But am grateful it went well.

Uniben Gist: How would you describe your stay in camp?

Winner: I really enjoyed myself. It was fun. The girls were so amazing. Words cannot describe how I enjoyed myself.

Uniben Gist: Were the girls separated into groups?

Winner: Yes, we were separated into two groups. I was in Hall 2 group.
My group was really cool.

Uniben Gist: Did your parents support you?

Winner: Not really, like when I bought my first pageant form, My parents were like saying I should concentrate on my University Education then after that I can go for anything. But yeah, am I already into it so no going back. Thank God for it.

Uniben Gist: On the day of the main event how were you feeling?

Winner: Well I told my self it is time, no turning back now. And I just wanted to enjoy myself, make my friends happy, make the crowd happy as well.

Uniben Gist: Where you thinking at that moment that you will emerge the winner?

Winner: No, I never thought I would make it to the top 5. I was not expecting it. I was actually the first person they called for the top 5. I was shocked But I was really happy.

Uniben Gist: Like you said you were not expecting to be among the winners. When the top 5 was announced, you were among. You were the first to be announced in top 3. So can you describe your mode at that particular time?

Winner: Wow... I was really happy when I was called. I was amazed. To me, this was what I needed. This platform is really gonna take me far. I can go out there and say I won a pageant in our great school.

Uniben Gist: What do you have to say to the metro team and to the University of Benin?

Winner: To the Metro Team, I really want to say thank you for making this event happen, this is the first time a beauty pageant is holding in our school. There was no cheating, the struggle was real. There was no "magomago" as we would say in pidgin.  I want to thank the students of the University of Benin, for coming and making it a success. God bless Metro team and Uniben.

Uniben Gist: What do you have to say your department, were they there to support you?

Winner: I want to say a big thank you to my people who were there to support me. God bless you.

Yes, that was it all. Watch out for her official photos.

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