Tuesday 22 December 2015

Student Holiday photo Contest

First of all I want to wish everyone happy holiday. As school went down for Xmas break, I believe almost every student has gone to their respective places/homes.
For those who have not yet gone home, safe journey in advance. I wish to inform you that this holiday I will be giving special shout out to my unibengist readers. See steps below....

1. Join our social media platforms on Facebook with www.Facebook.com/unibengists while on Instagram follow @unibengistng. You will be followed back.

2. On Instagram post your holiday photo, #tag it with #unibengist,

3. Once seen it will be posted by us. 

4. Tag and encourage your friends to follow and like your photo.

5. The highest number of likes will get a shoutout on unibengist.com

Winners will be announced..

Note: it is open to all students.. The holiday photo contest is on till next year.
Thanks for your understanding and support.  From unibengist happy holiday. Wish you All the best.

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