Tuesday 22 December 2015

How to use this Xmas break wisely, Things you should do

Well, the Xmas break has started. Most students have returned home to enjoy their Christmas/New Year holiday. This is a period whereby there are lots of parties and occasion everywhere in the cities across the country. As a student you have to use this Xmas break wisely.
Below are steps to use your Xmas break wisely...

1. Plan what you want to do
Many student are faced with the task of allocating their time wisely. Don’t
waste it on things that you don’t need or will not benefit you! Time is precious, especially free time!
When the School starts, you don’t want to look back and regret!

2. Catch up with your parents
Sometimes we get so caught up with school work and time seems to fly past, especially during the
semester. We forget as our deadlines come to past, our parents are aging everyday as well! Take this opportunity whereby you have more free
time to catch up with your parents. It is so often that we fail to notice and care about the people closest to us.

3. Use your money wisely
In School, we have some students whose parents are financially buoyant while others are not. As this is christmas week many students will like to look very good, and to look very good you have to spend money. Let us not spend our entire money during this period. It is very wise for us to learn to use money wisely because we will also need money during resumption.

4.  Apply for scholarships .

If there was ever a time to apply, it’ s now! You don't have to spend the entire break applying for scholarships, but even if you devote a few hours
to your scholarship applications; it will make a world of difference in your search. After all, it only takes one to win.

5. Catch up with old friends ( and stay in touch with new ones )

Pretty much everyone of you went to primary and secondary school. You can use this time to catch up with your old friends. Also don't forget to stay in touch with the new ones you have on campus.

6. Exercise
Stay healthy and combat the holiday bulge by keeping up with a regular exercise . You will
look – and, more importantly , feel – better .

7. Plan on your resumption

In as much as the break is Still on. It is still important for you to start planning on your next  resumption before you get too busy to do that later. You can also take time to resupply yourselves with the things you need on campus..

8. Catch up on your reading

Do not party so hard that you forget that examination is around the corner. Once school resumes some lecturer's will begin to set their continuous assessment test. So get ready..


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