Sunday 8 November 2015

4 Things That Create Your Future

Many are quite curious about the future. They employ several means including going diabolical
all to know what the future holds for them.

Well, just like Robert F. Kennedy once said, “The future is not a gift it is an achievement. Every generation helps make its own future.” What
should that tell you? It simply means that the future is not given to you, it is created by you.
In other words, you create your own future. Your future is not a mystery. It is predictable.
You do not really need a prophet or a fortune teller to tell you what your future looks like. The “seeds” you are planting today are pointers to
the kind of future you will have. What you put in, is what it will give to you.
Some Christian folks may say, “I have been promised a nice future, the bible says so.” Yeah,
I don’t argue that but the same bible says “Whatever a man sows, he reaps.” The wrong path will never get you to the right destination
same way the “wrong seed” won’t give you the “right fruit”.
Here are 4 Things that Create Your Future;
Choices And Decisions You Make or Fail to Make:
On daily basis we have to make certain choices and decisions . Most of these choices and decisions are likely going to have a long lasting impact on your life which may either be positive or negative. How well your future turns
out is connected to the choices and decisions you are making now. In other words, the way you will end up tomorrow is influenced by the
choices and decisions you make today.

The Actions You Take or Fail To Take: Every action today is a seed for tomorrow. Just like our choices and decisions, our actions equally
have consequences which can either be positive or negative and may equally have a long lasting impact. Whatever we do or fail to do today has
a huge influence on our future and determines how it turns out.

The relationships you keep or Fail to keep: What
we become is often as a result of who we associate with. Relationships too can either be positive or negative. They can either lift you or bring you down. Someone once said that you will be the same person in five years as you are
today except for the company you keep and the books you read. Relationships can make or mar your future .

The knowledge you acquire or fail to acquire: It is said that knowledge is power. How well we know determines how well we perform. We
cannot perform any better than we know. Knowledge is a currency. You can buy the future with it if you acquire and accurately apply it.
The quality of the knowledge you possess is a pointer to the quality of the future you will enjoy.
So what future are you creating by the decisions and choices you are making today, by the actions you are taking today, by the relationships you are keeping today and by the kind of knowledge you are acquiring today? If it does not look like the future you will like to have, there is still time for change. No matter
how far you have gone on the wrong road, it is never too late to re-trace your steps and take the right turn. Make the change. It’s not yet

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