Sunday 8 November 2015

3 Reasons Lifelong Learning Is An Important Success-Factor

We live in a world where knowledge keeps increasing or rather keeps advancing. For one to stay up to date and keep pace with this rapid
one needs to remain open to intentional learning or else one will gradually become redundant or simply
irrelevant. What you know is an important determinant of
your success. If you doubt the power of
knowledge and continuous learning just sit some one that has no knowledge of a computer in front of one and watch as his/her frustration grows.
Most of us see learning as something that happens within the four walls of a school. If you still see learning that way, then you are yet to understand the difference between formal
education and self-education .

However, ‘schooling’ is only one type of
learning. As a matter of fact, what you were or being taught in school isn’t enough and is not all there is to learn. Opportunities to learn new things and acquire more knowledge abound all
around us. There are a lot to learn, unlearn and relearn
Learning should not be limited to the time we spend in school. It should rather be a lifelong
process. In other words, as long as we are alive, we should never stop learning. Here are three major reasons lifelong learning is
an important success-factor;

What Got You “Here” May Not Take You “There”:
We are living in an ever changing world. Innovations and inventions are happening every day. How it was done 10 years ago is not how is being done today. Change is a familiar word
in our world today. Continuous learning is the most effective way to handle these changes and when you don’t, the world will simply pass you
When You Stop Learning You Stop Growing:
Someone once said when you stop learning, you stop earning (financially). But on a broader view,
when you stop learning, you stop growing generally in every aspect. This has little to do with age. Growing old is not same as growing
up. The latter has more to do with knowledge than age. To truly grow and realize your full
potential, you need to be able to know all you should know.

The Better You Know, The Better Off You Are:
What you know is directly proportional to what you can do. The more we know, the better we are likely going to experience life. Learning can
greatly improve the quality of one’s life.
Learning expands your mind; giving you a wider range of perspectives, helps us harness our potentials and make wise choices and decisions
when need be. Simply put, lifelong learning gives you that opportunity to be the best you can be – in everything.

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