Monday 1 May 2023

An Introductory Guide to StarkNet

Starknet is a decentralized layer-2 network that enables Ethereum to scale securely and dapps to achieve unlimited scale for transactions and computation. Simply put, StarkNet batches many transactions together and then efficiently posts this data to Ethereum. Since the Ethereum verification fee is spread out among all users, StarkNet is more affordable as it becomes more popular. Yes, the more transactions there are, the cheaper they become.

How to create a StarkNet wallet 

For a user to interact with StarkNet, you'll need To create a StarkNet wallet

You have two main options for a StarkNet wallet : 

- Argent X

- Braavos.

Argent X and Braavos are both smart contract-based wallets explicitly designed for the StarkNet ecosystem.

 Argent X is open-source and was the first StarkNet wallet, so if you want to try it out of the gate you’d follow these steps: 

Download the Argent X extension from the Chrome Web Store or Firefox Click on the new Argent X button in your browser 

Select New Account Create a password Wait for your account to deploy, and voila! You’re now ready to receive funds on StarkNet Braavos is currently closed-source software, so keep that in mind.

 If you’re interested in downloading this wallet service, you could follow these steps: 

Go to 

Press Download and download the wallet software to your desktop or mobile device 

Set up a new wallet and record your 12-word recovery phrase for posterity Choose the Mainnet Alpha network to deploy on That’s it! You now have your own StarkNet wallet

Interacting with StarkNet apps using Dappland

The best way to find and explore apps on StarkNet today is through Dappland, a community resource hub that tracks notable app deployments on this Big Four L2.

Dappland currently tracks projects across the Onramps, Bridges, DeFi, Games, NFTs, Social, Infrastructure, and DAOs categories. Some notable projects in these categories include the following efforts:

  • Ramp — A simple UI for getting funds onto StarkNet
  • Realms — An onchain game situated in the Loot universe
  • JediSwap — A community-led automated market maker (AMM) exchange
  • Voyager — A StarkNet block explorer service

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