Sunday 4 February 2018


Below is an open letter written to the President of National Association of Nigerian Student

Dear Comr. Aruna Kadiri,

I bring you sagacious greetings from my Office as the Headmaster of the Conscious AreaBoy Movement (CAM).
I write to acknowledge your legality as the Numero Uno of the Nigerian students and to in total humility remind you that you have failed the intellectual backbone of our nation Nigeria.
Sir, the reoccurring pathetic situation in your own Alma Mater, the University of Benin where the National Secretariat is situated is a show of your weakness in leading the students movement into the promised land.
Sir, a lot of atrocities has been ruthlessly carried out by the oppressive classes against the oppressed consistently without your resistance or intervention.
There's a point I'm trying to make Sir, so for the sake of 'quick-grab' I will be making this piece very short and easily understandable.
Sir, while your factional colleague who is staking claim to your Office is busy setting big standards on how the students movement should be governed, you have persistently folded your arms and watch things go wrong.

Sir, your stance has defied the African adage that "an elder cannot be at home while the she goat gives birth with rope on her neck." I write to let you know Sir, that you have allowed impunity too much during your time in office.
As an ideologist, I admit that you came on board at a tough time in students struggle, and I expected you to grab the bull by the horn and save the education sector from the demise we are currently seeing.
Sir, I want you to know that a 'vote of no confidence' has already been passed on you by the Dean of Students Affairs at the old College of Education, Ekiadolor-Benin, students of the Ambrose Ali University has also lost trust in you, while we in UniBen are more disappointed because we have been beaten in the very presence of our father while you, our father watch our humiliation with fun-fare like jokes from Kenny Blaq.

Sir, I'm aware that NANS has become a tool in the hands of Institutions' Managements and a mere appendage in the hands of the political elites, students unionism has also become a stepping stone to the actualisation of many students leaders aspirations to rise to prominence. But Sir, as a student of history, I do not fail to acknowledge the role of posterity in human existence.
Sir, as you attempt to rise above NANS in a bid to govern beyond the students class, we will remind you of how you either kept quiet for the decay of education in Nigeria, or how you made gains from your service as a student leader.

In the nearest future, we are waiting for all those who have shortchanged our desires for a better Nigerian Society, we will ensure that by all means, they amount to nothing, for the sake of competence and for the sake of ensuring responsible governments take over the leadership of our society at all levels. We will be mobilising massively to frustrate the selfish aspirations of those who have frustrated our happiness.
Lastly Sir, as I put my pen down, I want to remind you of the words of Nnamdi Azikiwe when he said, "History will vindicate the just and God shall punish the wicked".
Thank you Sir!!!

Yours Sincerely,
Marxist Alex Peter
Headmaster, Conscious AreaBoy Movements {CAM}

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