Friday 14 July 2017

UNIBEN SUG President addresses Uniben Students in a new letter

A week ago, precisely on the fifth of July, you, a very Esteemed student of this great university came out en masse to vote in a
new set of executives for the Student Union Government.
On the sixth of July, the new executives letter were Sworn in at the university's Senate Chambers. 

This feat would in no way have been possible without input from virtually all and sundry--from those who actively canvassed support, the apolitical voter down to the apathetic observer.

There is no gainsaying the fact that the Student Union Government has, over the years, been hit with low credibility ratings among the students whom they were called to serve. 
The union has been fraught with challenges, both within and without in its quest to be free from interference and the acquiescence to the whims and caprices of the school management. The newly Sworn in executives understand this, and at such, we crave your indulgence, support and patience as we trod this journey to greatness together. 

The road to Making UNIBEN Great Again would not be easy. 
The challenges are seemingly insurmountable, but as hope is the single most endearing thing to keep a man going, just as the basis of optimism is sheer terror (Oscar Wilde), we are hopeful and optimistic that a few months down the line, we will restore the lost glory to UNIBEN. 

Already, the case of Uche, an important person in the student body who is from the faculty of pharmacy, who was unjustly arrested by the Nigerian Police some weeks ago based on faulty allegations of murder is being attended to. The office of the Attorney General of the SUG has been working, fighting tooth and nail in conjunction with the school management to get our brother out early enough to write his exams. 
We will not sleep or rest until he is out of detention. 
Also, the  presidential advisory committees for various duties have been set up. It is this administration's best interest to see that all grounds are covered and all inputs harnessed to run a successful government. 
The office of the Director of information have hit the ground running with the modalities upcoming forum of bloggers and media/information aficionados aimed at making information dissemination seamless. 

This is just a few of what the Restoration Executives have been up to since our swearing in less than a week ago. 

The best is yet to come. 

I want to use this medium to thank all the fourteen faculties, stakeholders, observers (both active and passive) who had enough faith in us to vote us into office. 
Without you, making the school return to greatness would have been an impossible journey. 

I hope you don't mince words when you call us out on our failings, as I believe that no one knows it all, and the key to a successful leadership or administration is inclusiveness of ideas, criticism (constructive) and advice. 

I appeal to anyone who have information on injustice to any UNIBEN student in and around campus to report to the appropriate persons. 

Together, we can make this work. 

Aluta Continua! 

Comrade Ogbidi  Osemudiamen Elvis ""
President, Student Union Government,
2016/2017 session
University of Benin.

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