Monday 31 July 2017

UNIBEN "Bobo You" Crooner HDMI writes letter of appreciation

From the bottom of my heart i write this with passion and love thanking all my fans, well wishers, and friends for the love and support they have shown me thus far,they continue to
Show me and will always do, from the beginning up until now and further I wouldn't have been where i am without you guys. I am proud to say uniben made me, Uniben accepted me and now the world awaits my arrival.
 The support of my parents has been immense, constant and constructive with criticism coming every now and then to ensure I don't deviate from what is right, and what's profitable to not just me but my brand and my society at large.

How Will I forget the student union government of the university of benin from 2014 to 2017, you guys are the best, you've tried in your capacity to do the needful all I can say is more grease to your elbow.

To every student that downloaded my songs from the days of "back to the matter" (history education in the dpt of Esam back then) THEY will always remember this song, i miss u guys and I hope you know my love for you guys nah continuous tense..

At my first official single "back to the matter" i met so many amazing people who were amazing and still are in my life today, the likes of Reeze who is blessed with amazing talent and gift for music, I'm really not surprised you got signed to a great record label and I really pray you get the Grammy hommie.. you're really my blood.

To all the DJs, una too sabi work both the ones in school and radio stations, God bless u for me.. DJ khizzo who has been a brother, I swear Winch no fit catch thanks brother.. you ain't a friend.. you're blood.. The rest of the DJ's in the house I throway cap for unah, more blessings coming unah way.

To every show organizer in and outside the university who has given us a platform to showcase our talent, trust me we really appreciate you guys, on behalf of the entire entertainers and I, we say a big thank you to you guys.

To bloggers and publicist who have always publicised my music and allowed every individual to get it in and around the student community, abeg unah too much. Heaven will not forgive me if I do not mention the MC's in UNIBEN, The likes of Orekis, 206 my official hype man, Robaba, Ose_playful, emperor KC, Emperor Marcel, the list plenty.. unah be the bomb for south south, and soon them go hear unah name.

To artist and Entertainers, the likes of Chuvano the spiritual Murano, Lexy_boi, Tkrane, Flashee, Marokane, 206. Darlington, SJD, Reeze, young hyper etc who have motivated me, challenged me to become better, encouraged me to be the best I can be and tried in their own different way to represent the talent pool that Uniben is, I say one thing to you, keep the hustle alive one day e go pay, coz the sky is wide enough for us to be free sitting.

To the brand, The HDMI team management, I appreciate you guys, words cannot express what you guys mean to me, the effort you guys put in is not in vain, I just wish I could show you guys how important you guys are to me, pretty soon the HD_brand is going to be a big one someday just keep believing.

To my manager, the one time dir of sport SUG, the one who's shown the most faith in me, who's kept pushing me to attain that level you know I'm meant to be.. nah only God understand how much you mean to me.. thanks for structuring the Hd_brand and bringing it to this level.. just like you always say.. We go blow some day just keep believing.

Once again i appreciate you all and promise to keep making you guys proud, make unah no worry soon them go hear our name, it's just a matter of time. it's a farewell from me as I complete my academic pursuit here in Uniben but that won't be the end of my journey here..

I love you guys I no dey *Bo-Bo you..

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