Friday 15 January 2016

Top Effective Ways To Easily Read And Memorise fast.

Getting things to permanently stay up in the brain is one challenge most student face in schools today irrespective of the level they are.

Most of us repeatedly say what we want to memorise but in most cases its just cramming which is not the best option. When you don't derived the best way to read and understand you will keep getting stranded in the exam hall.
One important thing I will want you to know is that there are to phase to reading.

» Reading to pass» Reading to know
Most of us just read in other to get through our exams and after which all that is read disappears. Shun this! Its not the habit of great minds. On the contrary,we should read to know so that aftermath you can always recall and quote it to sovle a problem. 

People say we all have diverse ways of reading but take my words,there are some general principles for reading.

1} Calm Your Nerves :
We you want to read,understand and be able to quote it,you need to first calm your nerves. You can't get what you are reading to stay in your memory when your mind is not settled.
This is why it is hard for some people to read and understand some minute before exam. You need to always clear your mind and be calm when you are reading.

2} Pick/Note The Points :
Every definition or note you read always have their points. May I put it to you before I continue that lecturers mostly look out for the points and are often less concerned about lengthy stuffs. When you have the poins in you memory, you are 70% gone.

3} Digest The Context :
Now you need to digest the whole line. It has been tested and trusted that when you explain definitions or notes as if you are explaining to others,you tend to get it more. This will help you to place answers in your own words or verbatim as the case may be.

To Quickly Memorise :
» Repeatedly write what you want to know :
When you repeatedly do this,it stores in your memory and immediately you grab your pen to write it,you will begin to flow because it has been registered within you.

» Record it in audio form, play and hear it often :
It is certain that what you hear stays more in your memory. This is why when you listen to a song once,you will still be able to say some lines of it latter not to talk of regular hearing. So when you play what you want to memorise often,it will also help a lot. You can also choose to record what your lecturer is teaching in class by putting your phone or recording device 
on the Public Address System.

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