Friday 23 October 2015

KOME KONNECT Me and My Clearance ( S.O.F.T )

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After so many disagreements on weather online clearance has started or not, Uniben finally scheduled her 2015 physical clearance to begin from 20th Oct 2015..

I went to UNIBEN 19th Oct to get my clearance done. Luckily RCF did the clearance free for me..during the online clearance I argue with them so they could upload my Original Jamb result, although they blabb and blabb but finally they did upload it for me. late that night I checked my kofa profile and realise 20th Oct was my date.

Got to UNIBEN as early as possible that day but discovered there was an on going lecture,,we were allowed into the auditorium and we all sat comfortably at exactly 12:35pm the lecture ended,we were happy cos we all thought the clearance will continue immediately..we all waited in our various faculties allocations.

In my faculty (physical science) we waited till about 3pm before we were inform we won't be attended to that same day,,we all went home not really happy but thankful to God.


I came very early and our clearance officer came early as well,,we started the clearance I was the first to be called and all my documents were correct so He wrote OK on my file...others followed but some of them have issues and were sent back to go get things done perfectly..I was called for anoda screening immediately and my uploaded files were checked and all confirmed to be correct.Just about printing my eligibility slip when they ask all clearance officers to stop cos of the lecture that was about taking place


I came quite late cos of hold up but immediately i got there my clearance officer called me and checked my files again,verified my waec result and print out my eligibility slip..I signed on the eligibility slip and was asked to go get it on Monday becos it need to be stamped and there isn't any stamp with him now but I ve been fully cleared and can go pay my other fees and apply for hostel accommodations.

Was asked to go pay for my record files and make sure I fill them before coming on Monday to get the eligibility slip from my clearance officer..I left for First bank,paid a sum of 3000naira and took my teller to Busary Department and got it exchange for a receipt..I went to exams and record to go get the files
I was told who is in charge of my record files wasn't on sit for the now..finally someone told me she is at the auditorium that I should go back and meet her there,,I left for auditorium immediately
getting there I was told by one of these red cross members in Auditorium that the Person am looking for just left the auditorium and that I should come tomorrow..
It really has been God alone,,clearance as people tag it isn't really stressful but stressfree when you gat the right info on what to upload during clearance and what to take along for ya physical clearance...
Once all your documents are correct and Date of Birth,names and all of the others correspond then you are go to go
Always go there as early as possible and be quick to hearing and slow to speaking..I mean you should listen attentively and talk less
make friends and ask questions when u are in need of anything and don't know how to get it
don't be the shy type make sure u socialize with ur course mates and even faculty mates as well
Am done with the clearance now and am so wasn't that stressful for me ohhhhhhhhh as others claims itwas..
All the very best and I wish u all a stressfree clearance ahead

I remain my humble self PRODIGY


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