Saturday 26 September 2015

Holiday Odds by Oguche Divine Omale

During Exams, all students wish they could just be through and go home!!! Now ure home wat next?? The holiday period, is meant for rest, relieve from academic work/stress, and also for rehabilitation. Holidays are special time for extra curriculum affairs as it is a period when u can learn and unlearn so many things.

It is dat time where u can make money for resumptions for those who are sponsoring them selves, the time to do some trainings like ICT, Baking, sewing,Driving etc. We hereby wish to gear you all to use ur holiday judiciously as it will be over soon. Noting is to small for u to do this period just Ensure ure not idle. Feel free to always ask questions as regards school issues as am on ground to ensure to you are well informed!!! For the TP and UBITH students, just take heart!!!! God will help u guys!!! Medicine students you are not alone!!! Relax God is with u. In all don't forget to be good to mummy and daddy and guidance. God bless your Holiday.
In conclusion I will say let there not be strife BTW UNIBEN students and there neighbours for WE BE BRETHREN!!!!!.
......always live to remember that UNIBEN IS DIVINE.
Miss you all.

Oguche Divine Omale
Students' Spokesman

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