Tuesday 29 September 2015

DARE TO DREAM Talent Quest!

Dare to dream is a talent quest aimed at discovering what will like to call "Next Generation Movie Stars". It is a thorough hunt for raw, uncooked, unharnessed, undiscovered fresh act and talents.
This no age restriction quest paves way for as many as have waited and wished for chances and opportunities to showcase their talent. It is NOT limited to individuals who already have previously or currently in motion action career scattered around the globe.
Square pegged in the nooks and crannies of Africa lies ambitious youth, men and women, boys and girls with dreams tall and destinies to fulfill.

There are eagles in the air flying, have been flying and will continually achieving  fly. Now DARE TO DREAM presents a platform were this unharnessed, untapped  too can fly with them, the sky is big enough to contain every bird that can fly.


7th and 8th, CALABAR 
12th and 13th, PORT-HARCOURT
16th and 17th, BENIN
20th and 21th, ENUGU
24th and 25th, MAKURDI
28th and 29th, ABUJA

1st and 2nd, LAGOS


Monte suite calabar, cross river state.

Prixy Hotel, orazi Port-harcourt, Rivers State.

Randekhi Gold, GRA Benin City, Edo State.

Toscana hotels, independence layout, Enugu State.

Smileville Makurdi, Benue State.

Princess suites, wuze zone 7, Abuja.

Citedal Ikeja & Scintilla Lekki, Lagos State.

Pictures 5 x 10 Full photograph (2 copies). Coloured passport photographa (4 copies).
Account Number: 4011040441
Account Name: Glitterati Iconic Media.
Bank: Fidelity bank.

Fill in the teller and Come with it to the venue closest to you to obtain the form. It is #3,000 ONLY... No individual sell forms.
Note: Paticipancy in DARE TO DREAM auditions does not qualify any individual as the winner of the contest. The finalist will be unveiled at the end of the auditions. Finalist will be signed  into Glitterati Iconic Media on a three years movie act contract.

All Glitterati Iconic Media auditions and tours will be televised and telecast on several media platforms and National television...


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