Tuesday 30 March 2021



The Students' Union executive of the University of Benin has been suspended and a care- taker committee is to be put in place.
The Institution’s Senate took the action to forestall a breakdown of law and order following the planned instigated protest by the Students Union body in reaction to the shift in the school’s academic calendar.
The Union had persistly engaged in subversive activities including incitement of other students to disobey lawful instructions by the school authorities.  This is in spite of concerted efforts by the Management, led by the Vice Chancellor, Professor Lilian Salami, to provide their basic needs of water and electricity as well as enhanced infrastructure for learning.
Consequently , the account of the Union has been suspended and their Secretariat, sealed. All members of the erstwhile students' Union executives are to hand over their Students' Union Identity Cards to the Chief Security Officer of the University immediately.  They are also to vacate the privileged hostel accommodations accorded them latest 6:00pm today, Tuesday 30th March, 2021.  
The Senate praised majority of the students who have resisted attempts by the students’ Union executives  to drag them into unwarranted agitations.  
The Senate wishes the students the best in their on-going examinations and a restful break from the 1st of April, 2021, until their return to campus for the second semester on 18th April, 2021.
Benedicta Ehanire, Ph.D
30th March, 2021.

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