Tuesday 23 October 2018

IMPORTANT: What all newly Admitted Uniben Students Should Know!

Greatest UNIBEN students, I write this Epistle to you, so you can bear witness between the STUDENT UNION GOVERNMENT and the newly admitted students

Last session so many persons were victims of fake admission, so many persons were duped and molested all in the name of admission. So I write this to you that have been admitted and those still waiting to be admitted.

First, UNIBEN admission is not *FOR SALE.* University of Benin management cannot and will not ask you to pay any money for admission. As a matter of fact the university authorities frown at such nefarious deeds. All payments are made online through your kofa page and as such, anyone that ask you to send him/her money is a THIEF and all ramification should be avoided

Second, it is advisable to go to experience cyber cafe that will upload all your required documents without errors and mistakes, incase you cannot visit any cyber café, I will like to bring it to your notice that all the *fellowships on campus like  CASOR, RCF, CU-NIFES, CFI etc and the mosque will be doing free online clearance for all freshers.* That means with or without money your online clearance can be done.

Third, beware of ASHE SPENCER and Member of his Team, who is parading himself as a member of UNIBEN MANAGEMENT, claiming he can give admission to new students but eventually duping them, the school management does not condole such act, and any individual parading him/herself in such capacity is scammer and at such should be avoided.

Furthermore, I would like to bring to the notice of the newly admitted students that the cab fare to any destination within the University community is  #150 for one person and  #200 for four persons entering the same cab at a go. And the shuttle buses price is #30 flat within the campus and #70 from UNIBEN to outside town.

Lastly Let it be known to all and sundry, that it's only in UNIVERSITY OF BENIN that freshers are giving temporary accommodation to enable them successfully carry out their physical clearance with any accommodation hindrances. The accommodation is a temporary one and as such it's not FOR Sale. As at when due the management will communicate to us through the Fatherly Dean of Students about all the processes

On a lighter note, to ease the anxiety of physical and online clearance, let me quickly bring it to the notice of our newly admitted students that OFOLAWBASEMENT is not a single location, it's a joint location comprising of HALL 4, LAW AND Basement..

Special thanks to BABATUNDE OMOTOSHO for the compilation of this information.

Share to all FRESHERS home and Abroad.
I love you
Students Spokesman

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