Friday 3 August 2018

List of Approved Programmes/courses for Uniben Part-time 2018/2019

The NUC has approved that the University of Benin can run the following degree programmes:  

1. B. A. (English Language and Literature); 
2. B. A. (International Studies and Diplomacy); 
3. B. A. (Mass Communication); 
4. B. A. (Ed) (Adult Education); Sandwich 
5. B. A. (Ed) (Adult Education, English & Literature); Sandwich 
6. B. Sc. (Ed) (Adult Education, Economics and Statistics); Sandwich 
7. B. Sc. (Ed) (Adult Education, Political Science); Sandwich 
8. B. A. (Ed) (History); Sandwich 
9. B. A. (Ed) (French); Sandwich 
10. B. A. (Ed) (Fine Arts); Sandwich 
11. B. A. (Ed) (Edo Language); Sandwich 
12. B. A. (Ed) (Religious Studies); Sandwich 
13. B. A. (Ed) (Eng. & Literature); Sandwich 
14. B. Sc. (Ed) (Biology); Sandwich 
15. B. Sc (Ed) (Chemistry); Sandwich 
16. B. Sc. (Ed) (Computer Science); Sandwich 
17. B. Sc (Ed) (Integrated Science); Sandwich 
18. B. Sc (Ed) (Mathematics); Sandwich 
19. B. Sc. (Ed) (Physics); Sandwich 
20. B. Sc. (Ed) (Social Studies); Sandwich
21. B. Sc. (Ed) (Human Kinetics); Sandwich 

22. B. Sc. (Ed) (Health Education); Sandwich 
23. B. Sc. (Ed) (Environmental Education); Sandwich 
24. B. Sc. (Ed) (Economics & Statistics); Sandwich 
25. B. Sc. (Ed) (Geography & Regional Planning); Sandwich 
26. B. Sc. (Ed) (Political Science); Sandwich 
27. B. Sc. (Ed) (Educational Management); Sandwich 
28. B. Sc. (Ed) (Library and Information Science); Sandwich 
29. B. Sc. (Ed) (Childhood and Primary Education) Sandwich 
30. B. Sc. (Ed) (Agricultural Education); Sandwich 
31. B. Sc. (Ed) (Business Education with options in Accounting Education and                 Office Technology and Management); Sandwich 
32. B. Sc. (Ed) (Home Economics Education); Sandwich 
33. B. Sc (Ed) (Industrial and Technical Education with options in Automobile,                      Electrical/Electronics, Building/Woodwork and Metal Work  Technology); Sandwich
34. B. Sc. (Accounting); 

35. B. Sc. (Banking and Finance); 
36. B. Sc. (Industrial Physics); 
37. B. Sc. (Computer Science); 
38. B.Sc.  (Statistics) 
39. B. Sc. (Public Administration); 
40. B. Sc. (Social Work); 
41. Doctor of Pharmacy (Pharm. D) Conversion

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