Tuesday 19 June 2018

Sexual Health Mistakes You May Be Making

Below are some sexual Health Mistakes you may be making and where to get help

1. Avoiding the doctor

Many women end up at the doctor at least yearly to get their birth control prescriptions, but if you're using an over-the-counter or permanent option or are not sexually active, it can be easy to let a few years slip by. You may not need to go every single year, but if the last time you saw a doctor was when you were in a training bra and braces, you're overdue.

2. Lying to your doctor

Those forms that ask you to tick the boxes for which sexual behaviors you've engaged in, and to specify with how many people, force you to stare your sexual history — regrets and all — right in the face. But not being honest is almost as bad as skipping the doctor altogether, because he or she can't know what kinds of tests and interventions are right for you if the information those recommendations are based on is wrong. Fess up.

3. Thinking you don't have an STD because you're asymptomatic

Though an obvious lesion or discharge may certainly tip you off as to the presence of an STD, many STDs can be asymptomatic, at least for a while. For instance, half to three-quarters of chlamydia and gonorrhea patients show no symptoms, and this is the primary reason they go untreated (passing the disease along to others in the meantime). Though it's great that you're not experiencing discomfort, you still may need to get tested.

4. Assuming your STD will be treatable

Though some STDs are treatable, others aren't — and drug-resistant STD strains are on the rise. This means that you need to avoid getting STDs in the first place, but it doesn't mean you should ignore them if you have become infected. You can still manage incurable STDs, and of course you have a responsibility not to pass them to others. Your doctor can help.


5. Thinking "safe sex" is healthy sex

 All the condoms in the world can't fix a crippling self-esteem or sex addiction issue. Though your medical doctor can help you protect your body, you may need mental health resources to help you protect your emotions, your values, and your identity, so don't be ashamed to discuss sexual health with a therapist, too.

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