Monday 11 June 2018

FUNNY: Different people and their update on WhatsApp, Which one are you?

Below are list of people and their update on WhatsApp, which one are you..
Lets go..

1.The ones that will post like 50 of their personal pictures, as if we came online to see their faces

 2. The ones that must wish someone "Happy Birth" everyday (Come, how many friends do you even have)

3.  The ones that will flooding the Timeline with their businesses
4. The ones that update us on the latest Instagram and Twitter memes

5.  The ones that will view everyone's status update but will never post anything

6.  The ones that post everything that happens in their lives(These ones you can kidnap them anytime you want)

7. And the one that just post nonsense to gain attention (These ones delete their status update before 24hrs)

8. The ones that can droop all the inspirational quotes in the world, but their life is still somehow

9. The ones that only come to post; Happy new year, happy new month, happy Sunday and merry Christmas

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