Wednesday 4 April 2018

BREAKING NEWS: Uniben Medical Students Protest 'Unlawful Eviction Order' From Their Hostel

Medical Students of the University of Benin (UNIBEN) are currently protesting over what they described as 'unlawful eviction' from their halls of residence by the university Dean of Students.

The protesting students have mounted a road block at the popular Anatomy gate leading to the school from the UBTH back gate. 

The aggrieved students said they are protesting unlawful allocation of bed spaces to non-Medical students at their medical halls of residence, particularly the NDDC. 

The students in their numbers have also passed a 'Vote of no Confidence' on the Dean of Students, Prof. Benson Osadolor, over what they described as negligence of duty and deliberate attempt to deprive them of their rights as medical students, on the part of the Dean of Students. 

They have also demanded for apology or the resignation of DSA, while calling on the Vice Chancellor to come to their aide. 

Recall that few days ago, the medical students of the university were forcefully ejected from their NDDC hostel which was solely built for them, but currently houses less than 10% of medical students.

The act was widely condemned by all after the students were forced to spend two nights outside their halls in the cold weather, having left them with no other option.

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