Tuesday 27 February 2018

Uniben Student Union Government (SUG) latest update

With gratitude to God almighty and on behalf of the Students Union Govemment(SUG), University of Benin ably led by OSEMUDIAMEN ELVIS OGBIDI, we wish to thank the
General Public particularly Students, Ex Students, the Media, Civil Societies, Comrades, Activists, Traditional Leaders, Politicians, Clergy, Stakeholders, and our very respected citizens of the country and those in diaspora for their immeasurable and effective support, prayers and efforts to making sure the rusticated SUG PRESIDENT, SEC GEN, ASSISTANT SEC GEN, PRO and STUDENT ACTIVIST are reinstated. We have now realized that people who ordinarily are not biologically connected can become a strong family. Henceforth, we shall for the sake of our interest, love and passion refer to all of us (including you) as ONE BIG FAMILY. 
Our dearest Family, we are aware that this release is long overdue, BUT this is not entirely our fault as we wanted to do this release from our offices. Unfortunately, there has been a systematic ploy to deny us from the offices of which we were voted by thousands of legitimate UNIBEN students in the last SUG general elections.
We however want to assure you that our passion and devotion to continue to represent and protect the interest of this beloved family remain our utmost priority. We greatly call on your solidarity and support again and again.
We could have stayed just In our class rooms and be less concerned about Union activities after the trauma the key leaders of the SUG went through after the suspension of the Union that eventually burned into rustication of a few (we came out of that after your solidarity and intervention). 
But comrades, it‘s also important for us to think about the voices and interest of the students. We should think about the future of students’ peaceful and 
diplomatic agitations. If union Executives who are elected based on the Constitution of the Students' Union Government are removed at will by the management at any time they decide, then we would begin to see the challenge ahead of us as a people. This is our concerned for posterity sake as we are aware that 'an error left uncorrected will lead to intellectually immorality.
On this note, we would love to appreciate our amiable Vice Chancellor, Prof. F. F. O. Orumwense and the management team, the Governing Council, Senate and Staff for resolving the issues connected to the hitherto Rusticated Union leaders amicably. As we believe the root muse which center on increment will be addressed diplomatically.
We would also wish to appreciate the Students of university of Benin for their show of support and solidarity. From the depth of our heart we want you all to know that indeed you are the Best. 
At this juncture, it has become very sacrosanct to place on record as regard the plot of the VICE PRESIDENT (still parading as acting president after the reinstatement of the legitimate PRESIDENT and the three other Executive council Members) producing a new letter head Without the offices of the PRESIDENT, Secretary General, Assist. Secretary General and P. R. O. We would love to raise the attention of the comrade community and of course the Students' Union Parliament to such act of which amount to gross misconduct as it is illegal and abuse of the Students' Union Government Constitution and a deliberate affront to the Supreme Parliament.
We therefore call on the public, Students and University management to disregard such letter head. It is only the parliament that has the power to suspend or impeach an Elected Executive Member based on the provisions of the constitution. There should be no better place than a University which has a faculty of law and department of political science to practice traditionally the principles of Separation of Powers and Rule of law to serve as an example to our country democratic system. If the educational institution gets it wrong then your guess is as good as mine.. 
Furthermore, we would love to say a big thank you for the gigantic role played by both the Zonal and National body of NANS ably led by Comr. Aruna Kadiri amidst all the current numerous challenges facing the student body, they were totally committed in securing victory from this genuine struggle. Also we deeply salute the laudable intervention of the active Academic Staff Union of Universoty {ASUU} UNIBEN Branch and the National body. You all made it happen as we believe in your capacity. We will continue to say this without any water in our mouth.
To our lead counsel. Barrister Abraham Oviawe and members of our Legal team, to our ever articulate Snr. Comrade Jude Imagwe MON, Snr. Comr. Prince Hamson, Comr. Western lyamu, Comr. Obey Raqaz, Comr Chris Ekiyo and a host of others so numerous to mention, Edo State Government, Director of DSS, Commissioner of Police, Our Spiritual Father, Pastor Charles Osazuwa, Edo League of Patriot and to all the undercover supporters making calls and contacts, the list is absolutely endless. Thank you, Thank you, and Thank you! We can never say enough of this. God bless you all my senior comrades and family. We promise to reach to all during our annual students' union executive dinner.
We hope that other comrades, unionists, students and youths learn from our story that truly it pays to fight for what is right Without fear or favour even as we continue to utilize the rules of engagement. (Consultation, Consolidation and Confrontation} This journey has indeed been an educating one. It has been a great learning process and we want to assure everyone that we are now more enlighten and committed to increase the level of respect which our great UNIBEST have earned globally as a result of the hard work of students and management.
There are various stories about what truly happened between the UNION and management in the increment very soon we will get a good platform and tell the truth but know that we have not in any way compromised the interest of the Students. It is that commitment that brought us into this unholy and uninvited saga thus far.
Lastly, we also want to appreciate the management of University of Benin for lifting the total ban on fellowships on campus and for playing the role of parent to all.
On this note, University of Benin students should note that the ‘OSEMUDIAMEN ELVIS OGBIDI‘ led administration has always been willing and is now more determined and rejuvenated to represent your interest bigger and better. We will unfold the dividends of a true union as we progress because we must continue to ‘make the difference", and in our dearest mother Campus, Ekehuan through the office of the ASG which has been very committed to your development. We know your challenges and we won't stop articulating...
In conclusion, let it be known, remembered and preached always that the RESTORATION EXCO owe UNIBEN STUDENTS GOODNEWS.


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