Saturday 3 February 2018

Management Sciences UNIBEN Unveils New Dress Rules For Students, Bans Hair Attachment, Dreadlocks, Heavy Makeups And More

The Dean of Faculty of Management Science, University of Benin, Prof P. O Eriki has unveiled new dress rule for students in the Faculty. This was made known in the general assembly held yesterday at the Festus Iyayi Hall. 

According to the dean, the faculty will not endorse rules of wearing a uniform but would not allow the following
1. No more attachments (colored attachment)
This is not a fashion house.
It's is a place of intellectual exercise. It's a UNIVERSITY.
2. No more trousers(crazy jeans, leggings, pencil trousers) and no sagging.
3. No more spaghetti tops. And topless blouses for the ladies. All can be worn off campus and in classes as the class rooms are HOLY
4. Any sleeveless dress that would allow the armpit or vital parts to be shown.
5. NO more transparent dresses (see through cloths).
6. No more painting of fingers or long nails.
7. No more painting of lips. Light make ups are allowed.
He repeats: no heavy makeups to class
8. No more knickers or bathroom slippers.
Shoes and sandals(good shoes)
9. No more dreadlocks (rastaman styles)
10. No more hair coils and hand bands or bangles
11. No more dirty cloths.
12. No more face caps
13. No dark glasses
14. T-shirts with the description of political parties or clubs, and shows a sign of hooliganism is not acceptable.
15. If you have tattoos, don't show it out.

1a) . The hair should be well trimmed and dressed
B. No colored hair and hair partings
C. Don't coil, fry or shampoo your hair.
D. Artificial dreadlocks is not allowed (no faking of dada)
E. No weaving or braiding of hairs.  Dread, gala's, coils.
F. Bushy mustache and bears ain't allowed
2). No earrings
3). Dress that exposes sensitive parts are not allowed(armpit, chest)
4). No crazy jeans also
5). No transparent dresses
6). No tattoos
7). No face caps
8). Customized t-shirt for clubs ain't allowed
9). Nickers and bathroom slippers ain't acceptable.
10). Where dresses that would enable you tore in properly
11). No sagging trousers.
12). No dirty and unkempt dresses.

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