Monday 1 January 2018


On behalf of the Students' Union government, I want to welcome you all into 2018 with love.

2017 was indeed characterized with many struggles, ups and downs but what was most important was that despite all odds, we did not betray your trust. It was not easy restoring and rejuvenating students unionism in university of Benin but we tried our best not to be selfish with our academics and all because we believed that he that must lead must be ready to make sacrifices.

Immediately after taking the oath of office, we engaged the state government as regards the harmonised tax and levies that indirectly affected the transportation charges of university of Benin students off campus. This we did because we believed in the struggle that we were elected to represent.

After that, we made sure that temporary accommodation was given to university of Benin students on campus though there were some individuals that never wanted it to stand.

Moving on, we engaged the University of Benin management on dialogues on these issues:

1) Hike in acceptance fee and school fees for new students because we are aware and concerned about the suffering parents go through daily in our harsh economy to train their wards.

2)Hike in hostel fees on campus.

3)Non payment of work study students for 8 months and counting.

4)Hike in transportation charges on and off campus.

5)Improved welfare for students both off campus and on campus including the security of our brothers and sisters off campus

These demands and others made university of  Benin students match on the 24th of November. We want to salute UNIBEN students for their courage and the manner at which they went about it. The march was peaceful and no life or property was destroyed. This further proved that indeed university of Benin students are intellectuals and not louts as our teachers would say.

Our heart goes out to all University of Benin students for the inconvenience that the peaceful match might have caused.

We were deprived water and electricity for days and chased out of the halls of residence for no crime. Still we remained committed and strong because nothing good comes easy.

In your absence, the union was suspended and a panel was set up to probe the Students Union government for no crime but we are not giving up yet because we know that it is called students Union government and that means the ultimate power lies with the Students as regards our affairs and the suspension that we would recognize is the suspension from University of Benin students because you gave us your mandate and we are still holding on to it.

In your absence, the transportation fees both on campus and off campus was increased. We did not fight or argue because we believe in the fight for one thing at a time.

On this note, I'll like to clear the air on behalf of the Students Union government that it was never our intention to disrupt the academic calendar of the institution but like aggrieved unionists, we had to express our displeasure at the new policies.

As we walk into 2018, we want you all to know that we love you and we are willing to suffer for our people to be happy because we respect the union that we inherited and its history. We are well informed of the achievements of great men before us and that is where we draw or strength and inspiration from.

We want to thank those that criticized us constructively because their criticism made us sit up and see things clearer. We love you.

On behalf of the Students Union government, I want you all to know that we are still committed to serving you in 2018. The Students Union government is not giving up already because we know that someday, history will absolve us.

Let's remember that resumption for new students remains 7th January 2018 and 14th January for old students.

We won't hear any BADNEWS even as you return.

Once again, Happy new year and God bless You all.


Yours in the struggle.


On behalf of the Students Union government(RESTORATION EXECUTIVES 2016/2017)

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