Monday 13 November 2017


 A Uniben Writer Yoma pens down an open letter to Veteran Nigeria Rapper "M.I ABAGA". See letter below.

Dear M.I Abaga, 
         As much as I'm still putting your YRSFUYL record on repeat, I can boldly pen it down that this wasn't supposed to come from you as you too are in one way or another not left out in the cause of the present weak state of hip hop genre in the country.
Your management houses no rapper aside yourself at the moment. I grew up listening to you, I'm talking about "TALK ABOUT IT" in 2008, "THE MOVIE" in 2010 and the other albums that preceeded. You showed me a way, a path. In doing that, you had the likes of Ice Prince and Jesse Jagz who came out flawless in doing what they do best. Over time, it was no longer so. Jesse was out of the team, Ice Prince whom you coached gradually turned his back on the game and was dishing out more pop singles just to stay as trending as the new school.

That aside, Chocolate City went ahead to bringing in the likes of Victoria Kimani, Koker, Dice Ailes which brought a total deviation from what made every young rap act love and look up to Chocolate City as their dream label (i even had friends with a rap crew named BLAZE CITY simply because they wanted to be M.I, JESSE JAGZ and ICE PRINCE). Milli came in but look how his label spell ended! Sometime 2015, you were announced as the Label CEO,  I expected more recruits and more hiphop disciples but NO! Singer and Producer, CKAY was brought in. Last year, You personally promised to help an Abuja based rapper "YOUNG INCREDIBLE" with his career, This is 2017, what do we get?  An headline saying "Chocolate City signs Yung L". Sorry to say, but it's a shame you really ain't there for these young rappers and still term yourself a "big homie who's disappointed in them not keeping it real with the hip hop genre".

Xbusta is signed to Five Star Music as Dremo is to DMW. You can't expect them to see their fellow artistes into other music genres excelling and being the rave always while theirs create a prison wall around their stardom. Isn't this the same case with Skales? I blame nobody for being diverse because I won't even say they've gone commercial. Kendrick Lamar was brought to the game by Dr Dre and so is Chance the rapper and Desiigner who, thanks to Kanye West are appreciated for what they do. Should I talk about the broken YMCMB squad which obviously was solely concerned with creating platforms for emerging rap acts?
I get the whole idea with regards to the release of the YRSFUYL track but in my humble opinion I expect you to do more in recruiting and pushing out the brand of the youngings who truly have the existence of the genre in mind and until you've relentlessly provided platforms for them to come out at their best with the genre, you have no right to come for them and complain about them messing up standards you laid down in your early youth.
                            Sincerely yours,
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