Friday 10 November 2017


Warm greetings to every UNIBEN students, at home or currently on Campus but no greetings to the school management because they have all displayed different forms of inhumanity which negates the fatherly and motherly roles they play in their various homes.

This month November means three things to all WORK STUDY STUDENTS. 
1. The beginning of a new session 
2. The beginning of an higher level 
3. One year gone, no payment of their WORK STUDY salaries. 
These are the same students that take out their time in the most inconvenient hour to get to their WORK STUDY stations. This same students applied for these WORK STUDY PROGRAMME just to cater for their needs while in school, therefore go on empty stomach due to no finance just to be at their WORK Stations. 

News making headlines at the moment is the increment of the tution fee. Looking critically at the current state of the economy, is this the best time to do such a thing? An economy where the minimum wage cannot fend for the basic needs of a family, the price of commodities have been over inflated, the exchange rate have totally crashed, etc. So if the  increment is actually true, is it the right true? 
Currently, the various Staff Unions are currently agitating for their 2009 agreement reached with the Federal Government. If they feel it is their right to collect the Billions, is it not the right of WORK STUDY STUDENTS to demand for the payment of their #8000 stipends where some students are being owed 2 months, 3 months, 4 months.
It is on  this note that all WORK STUDY STUDENTS demand for the payment of their stipends or all necessary actions will be taken

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