Wednesday 29 November 2017


From the lips of all well-meaning students of the great University of Benin, we bring you warm and progressive greetings.

The current administration of the Student Union Government from inauguration into office has had a great aim- to enormously join the movement in making UNIBEN Great in all ramification- developmentally, academic success, peace and international recognition. This explains why we have always chosen peace and dialogue as our major mantra and peaceful civil demonstration as a last option to get the authorities to call for a modern table of dialogue (it is important to know that the latter option is a right given to the Citizens of Nigeria by the Nigerian Constitution). It is on this idea that we took to the latter to press for our demands on this current increment policy of the University. (In which we and every parent, group or individual that makes up the public are stakeholders).

Despite the right given to us by the constitution to resolve in difficult times, we never intended to insult, disrespect or destroy character and properties that have taken hard work, dedication and sacrifice over time to build and earned. Therefore, we would like to correct some wrong notions or perception (which we have gathered from the public) of the Civil demonstration which held on the *24th of November, 2017* in the University.

The Students Union Government is against the recent hike in fees carried out by the management. *The SUG is not in any way fighting the management*, the Students Union has not insulted any member of the management, we have also worked hard for the progress and success of the school and cannot deliberately act in any way that will bring the University to disrepute, We have also complained of not being carried along hence, our ignorance on the increment process and resolve to protect the interest of the students.

Therefore, we have put ideas to match the race to get our dear University Developed. We have always taken the peaceful option in all our dealings and  this explains why we made sure that even when we had to protest, it was Civil, peaceful without any destruction of properties or injury to anyone, while the student commendably acted in the most civilised manner expected of the Intellectuals of the great University of Benin, our aim was to peacefully press home our demands without any destruction or major obstruction of the running of the University.
Hence this call to clear the air that the SUG has never being against Dialogue or its processes. We understand the pains of every UNIBEN student because we as their grass rooted representative share every pain and challenge they go through. We also understand some of the challenges of the management, we want a situation whereby the school authority can get a comfortable atmosphere to make the student happy, and a good relationship along with trust on the side of the students while considering the difficulty of surviving in a country like Nigeria. We are aware that the Ordinary Students of our university cannot afford the one hundred and twenty percent increment, in;

#School charges for fresh students

#Hostel charges for both old and New students.

#Inter-Faculty Transfer form

#🍞 Bread price... Etc...

It is on this note, that we still appeal that the students of this great institutions be considered as the future of Education be conceded, because that is the only way this country of ours and our future generation can survive. Education should be accessible to the poor.
The Student Union Government as an important nexus will like to see our Great University reopen as quickly as possible while calling for dialogue to resolve the current issues so as to keep our Citadel of learning peaceful while students await our resolutions.

Whatever Challenge the University is passing through, we all can make it come out stronger and better. The process requires a peaceful and collective responsibility of all. This administration of the Students’ Union Government shares the goal of a better University and we are still committed to bringing that to the floor. We urge all the great Intellectuals of the University to join this progress.

We want to remind every UNIBEN student that we solidly stand with them.

#We will continue to represent and speak your interest,
#we will continue to intercede positively in the best ways possible on your behalf.

The collective strength of our dear university is in the Union and its collectiveness. Let us be law abiding and be more supportive in prayers and supplications than ever. Together we will make Uniben Great again.


God bless the Restoration Executives.

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