Saturday 28 October 2017

UNIBEN SUG President bags Vote of no confidence over attempt to defraud the University and gross misconduct

A vote of no confidence passed on the UNIBEN SUG PRESIDENT  for insubordination, attempt to defraud the University and gross misconduct..
Below is an extract from the Letter Published by the Students Union P.R.O Hon. Ehiabhi Goodnew .

The supreme parliament,
Students Union Government,
 University of Benin.

Benin City.

BRINGING TO THE KNOWLEDGE OF THE SCHOOL MANAGEMENT. UNIVERSITY OF BENIN STAFF AND STUDENTS AS WELL AS THE ENTIRE COUNTRY (GENERAL PUBLIC) THE PASSING OF “A VOTE OF NO CONFIDENCE" BY THE EXECUTIVE COUNCIL ON THE PRESIDENT OF THE STUDENT UNION GOVERNMENT OF THE UNIVERSITY 0F BENIN FOR HIS GROSS MISCONDUCT, DERELECTION  OF DUTY, ABUSE OF OFFICE. TOTAL INDISCIPLINE AND CORRUPT PRACTICES IN THE DlSCHARGE OF HIS FUNCTIONS. With profound gratitude and respect. We the executive council members of the student union government of the University of Benin want to use this medium to apprecrate the school nnagement for their assistance since our inception into our various offices "we say a big thank you"

 However we use this medium to bring to the school management and the general public of the recent development in the student's union as a result of the gross misconduct of the President, which has caused misunderstanding, ineffiencency and confusion In the Union. We hereby pass a vote of No confidence on the president [HON. OSEMUDIAMEN ELVIS OGBIDI] of the student‘s union government for the following reasons:

1. After the student union agreed on the recommendation of LAWSA to appoint the chief justice of the supreme court in accordance with SECTION 21[2A], the President refussd to present him [the said proposed chief Justice] because it was not the person or candidate he wanted to be in the said position, this offence contravenes SECTION 35 [1] and [2] SECTION 36[1] of the students union government constitution and acted according to SECTION 35[2b] of the students union government constitution.

2. Thw said president embezzled over N700.000 from the TAKE OFF GRANT given to the executive council for effective and efficient running of their various offices. This is an offensee as clearly spelt out in SECTION
3. The said president runs a parallel government with overbearing influence of so many non-executive councll members especially his family members. This was clearly demonstrated during the early stages of the shuttle bus negotiations, when the Edo state government invited some executive members instead the president went With himself and his elder brother in the person of GODWIN OGBlDl and another who he claimed to be a stakeholder but in the real sense they were impersonating some executive offices, which contravenes SECTION 17 of the  students union government constitution.

4. Gross impersonaton of unions executive council members and acting in a manner likely to bring ridicule to the students‘ union government.

5.Disobedience to the principles of separation of powers and meddling into the affairs of other offices unjustly.

6. Not involving or carrying other executive members along In his activities that will affect the union in general, lies, mischievousness, deceit, authoritarianism, placing personal interest above general or union interest

Ordering the physical abuse [slap] of the public relation officer ofthe union by his ‘chief security officer‘.
Inability to act or take any drastic action in the face of physical abuse melted on exeo members d ordinary students its the constitutional head of the union.

7.  Embezzlement and misappropriation of fund in the tone of over N4,000,000.

Seeking for finance from the union account through management without following due process and without the knowledge and awareness of the director of finance.

Gross insubordination established when he bye-passed the Dean of students to apply for N2,400,000 for NANS CONVENTION from the vice chancellor and later applied fraudulently for another N1,000,000 through the dean before nemesis caught up with him on a day he brought the Union to disrepute.

8.  To the knowledge of the executive members of this union, the school management disbursed the sum of N2,400,000 for the well being of all executive members and other logistics It the NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF NIGERIA STUDENTS [NANS] convention and another N1,000,000 “was later approved in addition to the former N2, 400,000 the president to the best of our knowledge transferred the said cash to another account for hiding and lied that he neier received any cash as regards NANS convention. Therefore denying all executive members of their statutory right. He grossly failed to carry out the stipulated obligations imposed on him by virtue of the budget he proposed to the school management and threatened to melt hardship to any Exco that will attend the convention and those who Will challenge him as regards the funds for the convention.

9. The president has failed to convey and summon the constitutionally stipulated executive council meeting and as a result
impeding the effectiveness and efficiency of the ability of union Excos to discharge their duties to the entire students of the University of Benin.

10. The president through his gross misconduct, gross irresponsibility, dereliction of duty, indiscipline and total disregards to students union constitution has brought to disrepute and shame to the union and it constitutes offense under SECTION 36[1], SECTION 36[3], SECTION 35[2], SECTION 36[6], section 36[7] of the students union government constitution.

The said president also encourages and carries non union members to impersonate other Members of the executive council in functions and visits outside the University of Benin.

11. The confiscation and tearing of union property; the union letterhead when he was approached by the director of finance to sign a letter a notice that was agreed upon the entire executives to limit the withdrawal and use of unions fund.

12. The unilateral use of union funds without the knowledge of the excos and most imperative the Director of finance.

The student‘s union constitution punishes officers who commits some or all of these offenses under SECTION 36 and provides for the sanctions punishment under SECTION 37[E] [suspension from office]

Following the above stated, the executive council hereby seek the suspension of the President HON. OSEMUDIAMEN ELVIS OGBIDI from the executive council . Thanks.

Signed by.

Okogwu Ifeoma Frances [Vice president ]

Aidenagbon .O Justus [Secretary General ]

Aghedo Gifted. [Director of welfare ]

Aregbo Goodluck [Director of Finance]

Arigbe Uyiosa Joshua [Director of Social]

Irenen Raphael Efe [Attorney General]

Momodu Ehizua Innocent [Assistant Secretary General]

Ehiabhi Goodnews  [Director of Publicity]

The vice chancellor
The depuly vice chancellor Admin
The deputy vice chancellor Acad
The chief Security Officer
Staff and management uniben
Department of state security service Inspector general of police
Commissnoner of police
Edo state Govemment
All dcpartmental Association
All faculty Associations
All ethnic Societies and Associations Coallnon 0f Publicist and Bloggers 

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If served a court notice can you and those who alleged these accusations provide any evidence ?