Saturday 14 October 2017


 Below is a poem written by  Godwin Henry Osaigbovo (Pa Shakespeare)  et Obosa Bright (Pa Brait) that talks about procrastination.

He was always busy, serious and hardworking
Just like you.
He will get married to the love of his life
Soon, just like you.

The man whose dreams scared people away.
Only a few knew him, just like you.
He thought his dreams will soon give birth
Just like you.

He would build a mansion for his parents
Just like you.
Not today though, tomorrow is the perfect day to start,
he would say, just like you.

He will build a home for his wife and kids
Just like you.
Fantasies though, as he awaits the fate of morrow
Just like you

He was gifted, oh how his writings reduced
Brave men to tears, just like you
He would pen down a novel that would win him the Nobel Prize tomorrow, Just like you.

But he would wait for that uncircumcised Day
Just like you
That an ovation will appease the skeleton of his dreams
Just like you.

And when things went contrary, he would blame the gods for his ill fate, just like you.
Because his tomorrow was never promised
just like you.

He would sleep at night and dream
Just like you.
But unlike you,
he never brought those dreams to actualization.

The man who always says tomorrow believed in the essence of time,                                                                                                                                                                                                        Just like you
But unlike you, he went into a new day without a plan because
He never failed to hope for a fairer morrow.
But unfortunately for him
That fair morrow never came.

Godwin Henry Osaigbovo (Pa Shakespeare)  et Obosa Bright (Pa Brait)

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