Tuesday 8 August 2017

UNIBEN SUG President gives report on the State of the Union as they mark One Month in office

It is with pleasure that we notify you that this administration “RESTORATION EXCOS was inaugurated on Tuesday 6th of July 2017 at senate chamber by a sitting judge, after the most peaceful, free and fair election like the June 12 1993 election of MKO Abiola in which
most unlikely of candidates emerged by way of producing the first female SUG director of sport* (lady Glorious O Charles). We present the state of the union to all Uniben students as we mark one month in office.

  My fellow student it has been inconvenience of non refurbishment of our offices (from that of the president to the speaker, (unavailability of mobility and official cash to start up the administration). Uniben is unique and may it's uniqueness live forever.

Therefore, on behalf of over 77,000 and I unique Unibest student we seek the unending support of management and staff (academic and non academic staff) to restore the lost glory of the union.

Prior to this period a lady who was physically abuse at about 2am in faculty, was taken to health center and not given proper treatment, when this came to our notice we swing into action to ascertain what caused her abuse and why the health center did not attend to her as expected.

During a fact finding tour we discovered that the health center lack medical facilities, this we confirm from another student who was told to go outside and by paracetamol from a pharmacist.

We were able to reach a favourable conclusion and terms beneficial to our student.

Another very serious issue that hit us like a thunderstorm was the arrest of two student which came to us on Sunday 9th of July. With the help of the speaker and members of the executive team. Chigozie a 400 level student of Education who was arrested for cult related activities was granted bail two weeks after his arrest. While Uche Esegine a 300 level students of pharmacy who is currently undergoing court process for death/murder related act. With the help of the school management team through the chief security officer as well as the school legal adviser (Bar Bazuye) and the union legal adviser{Irene Raphael} we will ensure he is granted bail. On this note we urge honorables from pharmacy, and concerned Uniben student to join us and storm high court on Tuesday 8th august, by 7am. Buses will be available at June 12 Secretariat.

More so, we received cases of Rape, forceful dispossession and other heinous related crime on campus. As a union we have put in modalities to assist the effort of school management to eliminate these activities. We also want to advise the school management that re-electrification of our various faculty security light, street light as well as Hostels will put an end to all these security challenges.

As a member of welfare and price control in the previous House led Rt Hon laurel, the issue of cab drivers have always be my area of specialization and interest. We will not disappoint Uniben students. The restoration Exco’s is ever willing to put an end to cab tyranny and ensure they all obey the rules and  regulations binding them within Campus. *Note;* Any cab man who charge more than #100 has sin against God and the union.

In conclusion we want to appreciate all Uniben students who have been supporting us before, during and after the election. For your trust we will stay back on Campus and ensure all hands are on deck to see a new Uniben you envisage. The director of welfare has gotten approval to begin a monthly Hostel sanitation exercise (operation keep your Hostel clean) which will take effect from next session. we also want to thank the supreme parliament for the opportunity to present our budget on time and without stress. maximum success to those who just concluded their examination and those still writing. We have also served a note of warning to all hostel shop owners to improve on their service delivery to all UINBEN students or face the wrath of the Union.

This is the state of the union and together we will make Uniben great again

Long live the Student Union Government

Long live the Restoration Executives

Long live the Supreme Parliament

Long live University of Benin

Aluta Continua………


Hon. Ogbidi Osemudiamen Elvis

Hon. Aidenagbon O. Justus
Secretary General

Hon. Ehiabhi Goodnews
Public Relation Officer

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