Saturday 5 August 2017

Dean of Students to Extend Hostel Vacation Date for Students - See details

On behalf of the RESTORATION EXECUTIVES am pleased to inform the over 70,000 UNIBEN students that the STUDENTS UNION have met with the Dean of Students
Prof Osadolor as regards the deadline 6/8/2017 for students to vacate the halls of residence. The Dean in his wisdom was moved and has ordered that the deadline will be extended by 2 weeks for the final year students because of their project. To enjoy this, all final year students will show any evidence that they are actually final year students at the entrance of the hosteI.

The STUDENTS UNION are also in talks with the Dean of Students concerning students that will be needing accommodation for their TEACHING PRACTICE, FIELD WORK and INDUSTRIAL TRAINING alike. We want UNIBEN STUDENTS to stay calm because they will hear GOODNEWS soon.

Conclusively I want to reassure UNIBEN STUDENTS that we will always continue to represent their interest and they should not stop supporting us because working together WE WILL MAKE UNIBEN GREAT.

Let it be known and remembered that UNIBEN STUDENTS DESERVE GOODNEWS.


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