Saturday 13 May 2017

SECURITY ALERT: To all residents on Campus

The Security Department wishes to bring to the notice  of the entire residents on both Campuses, important security tips that should be taken seriously in view of recent
happenings that occurred at the senior staff quarters in the Ugbowo Campus which could happen elsewhere if necessary precautionary measures are not taken.

  • Security is a collective responsibility. Therefore, all within the University Community Should become "the watchdogs" of the University.
  • Residents should not open gates/doors for impostors who may disguise as Security personnel at night as they could be robbers.
  • Bonafide occupants of the Staff Quarters(Senior & Junior) are advised to fortify their gates/ doors with Burglary proof.

  • All within the University Community should immediately report any suspicious or surreptitious person(s)/movement(s) to the nearest Security Post.
  • All within the University Community should submit themselves to Security search at entry at gates, hostel, Mosques and Churches.
Calls Should be made to any of the understand GSM numbers for necessary assistance.

  • 07060455734
  • 08105963123
  • 08062480589
  • 08060976979
  • 08055644704
  • 08056033169
  • 08023444134
  • 08023344358
  • 08038841011
  • 08060595577
  • 08033720388 

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