Thursday 27 April 2017

Chapter 2: Jane's dilemma(A short story about love and double-dating)by Onojeta Grace

Chuks and I had an amazing relationship, even after almost a year together it was as if we had just met. He adored me and I loved
him very much, it was as if all other guys in school didn't exist, I didn't fancy any other boy no matter how handsome. However towards the end of my second year, something happened and I began to second guess my relationship with Chuks.
One fateful day I went to the ATM to withdraw some money, the sun was scorching and I was sweating badly. The queue was also very long, when it finally got to my turn I realized that I didn't know how to use an ATM machine, it was my first time and I didn't want to ask for help because I thought it would be easy to figure out on my own. I stood in front of the machine for almost ten minutes fidgeting and sweating profusely.The persons standing behind me in the queue began to complain impatiently "Young lady what's wrong with you na, withdraw your money and get out of here" a male student shouted from behind. "I'm sorry I don't..I...I.." I stuttered "You don't know how to use the machine?" Someone else asked calmly. I turned to see who it was and I received the shock of my life, it was none other than Somto! my secondary school crush whom I spent an entire semester looking for. I almost opened my mouth but I restrained myself and tried my possible best to hide my shock

"Let me help you" he said with an incredible smile on his face. I felt my knees go weak and my heart skipped a beat. I gave him my ATM card with shaky hands and he taught me how to use the machine. "Thank you" I muttered without looking at him. "Leave there oooo" someone screamed from behind, others were murmuring angrily. "I better get you away from here before they roast you alive" he joked. He took my hand and pulled me away from there, I was visibly shaken by all that had happened "Are you alright? " he asked when we were far away from the ATM "I'm okay" I managed to reply. I still couldn't believe I was standing face to face with Somto, I felt chills running down my spine. "I'm Somto " he said with that sexy smile still on his face
"I know who you are " I said bluntly
"You do? " he seemed surprised
"Yes, you are the former head boy of NNPC Staff School"
"Wow—so we attended the same secondary school, how come I don't know you " he squinted
"You were a class ahead of me, you couldn't possibly know me" I replied
"Anyway—never mind, you haven't told me your name"
"Jane—my name is Jane" I replied feeling overwhelmed.
We talked for a while and I couldn't help but blush at the slightest thing he did or said. He walked me to the library and we exchanged numbers! I almost died of happiness. I couldn't read at the library, all I did was stare at my book, think, blush and laugh. Somto was such a charmer, his cute facial expressions were stuck in my head the entire day. I completely forgot that I had a boyfriend until Chuks called me that night. That was when it dawned on me that nothing could happen between Somto and I because I was already taken. When I answered the phone, I sounded quite off, I wasn't in the mood to talk with him that night, I was too busy thinking about Somto.
About an hour later, Somto called and I answered the phone in a flash
"Hey, remember me"
"Of course" I replied, my heart was pounding
"I've been thinking about you all evening, what did you do to me? " he laughed
My heart skipped a beat, did he just say he had been thinking about me?! I was happy and scared at the same time. I was happy because the 'almighty' Somto finally noticed me after nearly three years but I was sad because I already had a boyfriend and the last thing I wanted to do was hurt Chuks.

*To Be Continued. Chapter 2B next

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