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Chapter 1 B: Jane's dilemma(A short story about love and double-dating)by Onojeta Grace

Chuks and I talked for quite a long time and he was really funny, I was laughing so hard my stomach began to ache

"Can I walk you home? " he asked politely
"Sure" I smiled. We walked home in silence, glancing at each other occasionally 'perhaps he'd run out of jokes' I thought. Although we were both in 100level he was way taller than I am and quite muscular, walking with such a guy at night made me feel safe and protected. When we got to my hostel I muttered "Thank you "
He nodded "Can we talk later? "

"Of course" I replied sharply "Here's my number" I pulled his hand out of his pocket and wrote my number on his palm like I had seen in a movie I watched during the holidays. He smiled "I'll definitely call you". I bade him goodbye before walking to my room. Elohor was still awake but our roommates were asleep. I narrated all that had happened between Chuks and I, I went on and on about it excitedly but she didn't seem impressed "Don't even think about wasting your time with these small boys, what does a guy in 100level have to offer? " she hissed
"I don't plan to date him! " I replied rudely
"Good, cause you would definitely regret it "
"Why are you so sure? "
"These fresher boys have nothing to offer, they are kids, they don't even know how to love a woman " she chuckled. I threw an angry glance at her "Whatever." I sighed.
Throughout the next day, I waited for Chuks' phone call but it didn't come. I checked my phone every minute but there was no incoming calls nor missed calls. I was quite disappointed, soon my disappointment turned to anger and I shoved my phone aside angrily. Later that night, I received a text from him 'I'm outside your hostel, please meet me outside' -Chuks

All my anger melted away instantly and I found myself rummaging through my closet looking for something nice to wear, I couldn't possibly let him see me in my domestic clothes and smelly hairnet. After about ten minutes, I rushed out to meet him in fresh clothes and neatly combed hair. He was waiting for me patiently in the common room "Hi" I smiled
He looked up and smiled "You're finally here"
"How long have you been waiting? " I asked blushing
"Not too long". he stood up and walked closer to me "I have a surprise for you, come with me " He extended his arm and I took it impulsively and followed him outside "Where are we going? " I asked curiously "I just said it was a surprise didn't I? " he grinned
He flagged down a taxi and we got into it "Are we leaving the university's premises? " I asked fearfully
"Maybe" he looked at me and smiled "Relax, we're going to the cinema —Silverbird"
"Oh" I heaved a sigh of relief "I've never been to a cinema before "
"Me neither—I worked all day to get us these tickets " he chuckled
I was taken aback "You worked all day just to get us tickets?—that's so sweet " He laughed "It's nothing, don't get too emotional".
While we were watching the movie in the cinema, Chuks touched my hand and later placed his arm around my shoulders just as I had expected. I felt butterflies in my stomach and I couldn't stop blushing. After the movie, we had some ice-cream together and he took me back to my hostel. That was my first real date and I couldn't wait to tell my roommates about it.
"He didn't disappoint, kudos to him" said Elohor
"You see, freshers are not that bad, some of them know how to love a woman and treat her right" I replied calmly, I couldn't tell her that he had to work all day to get the tickets, she would mock him and laugh at me because money was not an issue for her boyfriend, a final year student who engaged in internet fraud to make money. Our other roommate, Lola, a bookworm who was currently in her third year in the department of dentistry cleared her throat, held my hand and said "I know this is your first time and you are excited but you need to take things easy and slowly, you can't afford to let anything come between you and your studies, Physiotherapy is not a joke o"
Our last roommate Tracy who had been quiet for a while hissed loudly "Studies my foot—that's all you know, boring human being" then she turned to me "Jane my dear, abeg have fun don't let anyone take away the joy of teenage years from you". I headed for my bed quietly, I didn't want anyone to quarrel because of me.
The second semester exams came as a surprise to me. I had been so busy with my personal life that I completely forgot about the real reason I was sent to the university. I barely studied my books although I attended classes regularly. My whole life revolved around Chuks, we were always together. Not a day went by without us spending time together. when we weren't together, we chatted for hours on whatsapp, he made me feel very special, I couldn't wish for anyone else as my first boyfriend. We had our first kiss about a week before the exams began and it still lingered in my head even during the exams. I smiled whenever I thought about him, my life was finally perfect, it was just like in the movies.

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