Tuesday 28 March 2017

SAD: Corp member (Uniben graduate) dies due to doctor's negligence - See photos/ details

The above photo is photo of a Corps member simply identified as Abraham, a UNIBEN graduate serving at the Nigerian Christian Secondary school, Ukpom Abak. Akwa-Ibom
state. Below is report as narrated by a concerned Corper.  Read below...

Abraham slummed at the football pitch. He was revived & brought back to a recovery state before he was taken to Mercy Hospital. On arriving d Hospital, we met a doctor who told us to get a card first. We explained we are Corp members, telling him to pls check Abraham while others go get d card. The doctor did not even touch him rather voiced out to us that *there is no life in him, he repeated that twice. * Few mins later, those who went to get card rushed back pleading with d doctor to at least run some tests on him but before we knew it,d doctor was nowhere to be found.An elderly nurse received him, prayed for him &did d little she could on Abraham. His head was resting on my arms &We were all praying together. After mins,a reverend father came in and joined us in praying &conducting some test using his personal experience.

After checking his BP, PULSE N HEART BEAT, d nurse said nothing is wrong with AB if only we could have a doctor right away.The reverend father in his quest to save AB prescribed an injection but d nurse said no, that she can't inject him if it's not d doctor’s prescription. After several minutes of searching, we found the doctor at a corner relaxing! It took over 30mins of d reverend's plea for d doctor to sluggishly come back to attend to AB. When he came back,only God knows d injection he gave AB after which he told us Abraham is dead before he was taken to Uyo teaching hospital.I carried him inside d LI's car, looking at his face, I felt “this could have been any of us” Question: if the doctor had attended to Abraham earlier, would he be dead?Does this mean we serve a country without health security? You may say that he is not your friend/Relative. Well yesterday was d first time I saw him.I want u to think this way; it may repeat itself and d same doctor will still neglect his duty & kill us. What do we do as Corpers to stop this menace from future occurrence? A call for peaceful protest! In my opinion,d authority of Mercy hospital should call the WICKED doctor to order. IF THE DOCTOR WAS UP & DOING,ABRAHAM WOULD STILL BE HERE WITH US! # justiceforAB

It was also reported that The deceased is expected to be passing out on April 7, 2017 with Batch A stream 1 Corps members.


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