Wednesday 1 February 2017

Complete story of the girl that was caught roaming in Hall 3 male Hostel at night

As it relates to recent happening on campus, this is to inform us that at about
9:00pm on Sunday the 29th day January,  2017 there was an uproar in  Hall 3 which  began in the popular Block B,  where a lady was found in the Male Hall of residence,  this drew the attention of everybody around  both staff and students and the lady and some members of the school security where the matter was later handed over to the Hall 2 Security Base which was later transferred to crime office.

Speaking with the lady before the arrival of the security personnel, she was asked how she  entered the Hostel and she replied,  "I came from the Underground"  this statement raised the eyebrows of people around and issues of witchcraft and others were suspected to have played out. 

However,  at the crime office where the parents showed up at about 11.00pm claimed that the girl was mentally disordered and before the event she was a student of Idia College and currently in Senior Secondary school 2 (SSS2)  by name Ivie Omoruyi. Report has it that she escaped from  a  nearby church where she was undergoing deliverance. 

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