Tuesday 31 January 2017

Uniben Aspirants writes open letter of disappointment towards the admission process of 2016 /2017 session

Below you will find an open letter by a Uniben 2016/2017 session Aspirant. 

The Office of the vice Chancellor 
University of Benin 


I am an aspiring student of uniben still awaiting admission. But it's with great sorrow and disappointment that I pen this letter.
The admission process of 2016/2017 session was really biased and shady. After the stress we passed through especially the 3rd batch screened candidates during the screening, we are still awaiting admission up till now.
Firstly, the admission criteria wasn't stated just like the way other schools like Oau, unilag etc did theirs. We the aspirants don't know how the merited list was complied.

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Secondly, The list was released in bits thereby putting aspirants in diapair and agony. Some aspirants missed the chances of gaining admission into other schools because we were still waiting for uniben to update the list.

Thirdly, lots of aspirants with a high jamb score and excellent waec results are still awaiting admission while those with low jamb score are being admitted.
It's really pains me that such a reputable school like uniben can be so biased.
I really hope this letter gets to the proper authorities and the matter looked into because most of our hopes are dashed and many of us will have to resit for our 2nd, 3rd and even 4th jamb examination.

From a despaired aspirant

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Anonymous said...

I agree. Totally

Anonymous said...

Yes, this guy has said it all. What is uniben problem. We d aspirant with high score was not given admission. While those with low score like 200-210, are been admitted. We are confused about this admission.

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

Yea u said my mind