Friday 2 December 2016

UNIBEN SUG President speaks on the latest development on campus- SEE DETAILS

It is no longer news that the economy has remained harsh and even getting harsher due to the current recession. We understand that many things have changed from what it used to
be. For example, a bottle of Coke that was sold N50 is now sold for N60 and many other items to mention a few. Before this administration came in, there has been series of agitation by the Shuttle drivers for a review of price IE an increase from N20 to N30. The resistance has been tough right from May 2016 with the belief that things will return back to normal. Unfortunately things has remained so and upon series of consultation, a review was done. Spare parts are becoming too expensive in the market and so drivers can't repair their vehicles and this is risky. These drivers are parents and children are at home waiting for something good to come from daddy. On the other hand, students got their pocket money halved while some don't have at all.
Carefully weighing issues from both the students and drivers, one will understand that the economic stress will affect both parties equally.
Also, the review was accepted because from fact finding trips made to other schools example University of Ibadan(representatives were sent to the Campus),University of Nigeria, Nsukka and few others (via phone Calls), a N10 increase was made also in these campuses.Please let's give the shuttle drivers a soft spot now.
Therefore,with effect from Thursday, 1st December, the following becomes the approved fare
1. Shuttle(Buses) are to collect N30.
2. Cab (Taxi) are to collect N100.

1. Routes:
a.  Main gate through Basement to Hall 5,Hall 4,Law/Agric then to health center. This  route ends at health Centre. This is a new development.
b. Main gate through Basement to Hall 1,through education then to Social Sciences. This route ends at Social sciences close to the ATM stand. This is a new development.
c. Main gate through Engineering, social sciences and then block of flats. This route ends at block of flats. This is  a new development.

2. Number of passengers:
For shuttles : For those buses that allows just one passenger at the front seat, one passenger should be carried at the front seat. No student should agree to seat on any foam placed between the driver and the front seat IE sitting on the bus engine. Behind the driver,remains four passengers per row.
Cabs(Taxi): Cabs remains as cabs IE they are not to carry passengers per head. Passengers must be at the same spot as at the time of entry and should highlight at the same point (in form of shatter).Cabs are permitted to carry a maximum of three (3) passengers as a single drop and the fare will remain N100.

3. Violators
*Please report by collecting the vehicle number whether cab or shuttle any violation to these and other existing rule. Such violation could be, Drivers refusing to go through certain routes e.g refusing to get to block of flats,insisting to carry two passengers at the front so that one sits on the engine etc*
 *It is not enough for Students to keep quiet when there are issues faced concerning this. Assist the Union by reporting any case of violation, overcharging or misconduct to any of the following and you can be sure that proper measures will be taken with immediate effect.
-. Osita Eugene Director of Welfare *08145380125
-. Afighor   Alexander,acting Chairman House committee on transport* 08086765872
-. Maingate transport warden Mr Wilson -08033936846
Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.
Obakpolo Lauretta
Student Union Government,

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