Friday 16 December 2016

Uniben officially goes down for Xmas holiday

As stated on the 2016/2017 academic calendar of the University of Benin, today being 16th
December 2016 school officially goes down for 2 weeks Xmas Break. Students are to come back on 2nd January, 2017. 

click on the link below for the current uniben academic calendar 

On this note UnibenGist  would like wish all Students safe journey as you go back to celebrate the Xmas holiday. Note that is there is any adjustment on any of the dates you will be informed via this platform.
 Happy Holidays.

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mp said...

pls any news about jubeb?

Anonymous said...

What uniben is doing is not fair at all. It's an act of wickedness. What is there to release list. Now school has vacated no list. Our fates are not known yet we still panicking...blablabla!! In fact m beginning to hate the school. Someone can not even buy text books and read because of their "Destiny Changer" of a thing. They might change course. Mtcheew!!

Anonymous said...

Pls, UNIBENGIST, can u just tell us d truth, their is a news, that, is only 1&2 list. No more list. And we are confused. What should we do???

Unknown said...

Pls is there still any list coming out or we should forget about it. mine is still showing submitted.