Sunday 11 December 2016

Misconception about Jamb closing Admission for 2016- All you need to know!!

Recently, There has been some misconception about the statement
released by Jamb over the closure of admission for 2016. It was earlier stated by Jamb that 30th of November will be the deadline for all institutions to complete their admission process. It was thought by many candidates that all admission list will be out before 30th November, 2016. Actually the deadline by Jamb simply implies that before the closing date institutions must have submitted names of admitted candidates to Jamb for approval. As it is now, institutions can no longer send names to Jamb for approval because it has closed. Presently, the names that have been approved by Jamb are now been released bit by bit by the institutions. 

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If you notice UNIBEN has been releasing admission bit by bit reason for this is best known to them. Other Universities as well have been releasing their list recently, even after the deadline by Jamb (30th November, 2016). The extension of two weeks (from December 1 to December 15, 2016) is for all polytechnics, monotechnics, colleges of education and private universities NOT Federal and State Universities. And it simply implies that their admission list should be forwarded to Jamb before the closing date. UnibenGist will like you candidates to note this.

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Haryenir's said...

What about the uniben, they haven't released all their admission list? Are they still going to release more?

Anonymous said...

Sure they will, don't worry okay?

Christian Enu said...

Will dey release all at once.....and is d exam starting dis year

Anonymous said...

I xpect the glorious admission soon

Unknown said...

What of the deadline for clearance which is 4 days from today.. Me i don't understand again ooo