Friday 25 November 2016

UNIBEN GIST: Student Bio of the Day: Amb. Baron Mitchell

Below is our student bio for the day.

Name. Onaghise Mitchell osaosemwen. studies and diplomacy.
Faculty of Art.

State of origin. Edo state.

Position. Ambassador (president) of isd.

Level - 400l

Facebook --- Baron Mitchell

[IG. iambaron_michel

Favorite color: Purple

Favorite club: Manchester united
Hubby: Reading

UNIBENGIST: How did you start politics on campus?

Amb. Baron Mitchell: I started student politicking long before I became a uniben student, my political aspirations have been ignited by the feeling to lead and serve the student community, from my hundred level days about three years ago I meet with some students leaders who are now  into secular politics,I learnt a lot from them and I gained so much from their political wisdom. I can rightly say here that my student unionism struggle started from my first year on campus and ever since then I have been contributing my quota to the betterment of the school community .

UNIBENGIST: What has been your motivation factor?

Amb. Baron Mitchell: As a student leader ,my main source of motivation as been God, as a student from a very humble background I have learnt to always put God first in whatever I'm doing, God has been faithful to me, one way to appreciate God is to be of great servitude to my fellow students ,I'm always inspired to agitate and advocate for students as a comrade in the Aluta struggle.

UNIBENGIST: How did you become an ambassador

Amb. Baron Mitchell: I became the Ambassador of the prestigious department of international studies and diplomacy in February 2016. The electoral process was filled with so much expectations and I emerge the ambassador .. My victory as the ambassador of ISSA was for all student aspiring for political relevance in the student community. Victoria acerta

UNIBENGIST: What is your peak so far in campus politics

Amb. Baron Mitchell: So far so good, I'm in my final year and I have been so much involve in student unionism,I'm having a strong affiliation to the National Association of Nigerian Students, I have also served in various capacity  within and outside the student community.

UNIBENGIST: What do you have to say to others

Amb. Baron Mitchell:  My words to every students out there is to remain focused, determined and resolute . the reason why we are here should not be forgotten despite the fun and politics on campus, our academic activities should be given utmost priority to enable us stand out as good students and a better citizen in the society.

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