Wednesday 9 November 2016

MUST READ: Vital Information for candidates who have been admitted to study a course different from what they applied!!

First of all, UNIBENGIST will like to say congratulation on getting admission into the great
University of Benin, though you may not have been given your preferred choice of course either your first choice or second choice. Like people will say Uniben is a "destiny changer" in the sense that they were given another course to study instead of their preferred choice of study.
 Experience has shown that most persons who were given admission to study another course usually end up enjoying the course on the long run, others even end up graduating with first class, others may decide to change the course

For those who may not like the course, the University of Benin has made a provision for change of course. it is known as "INTERFACULTY/DEPARTMENTAL TRANSFER. It is means of transferring from one department to another department, or another faculty. The cost for the form is #50,000.
 Please note that it is only after you have completed your first year as a student  can you be eligible to purchase the form. Also note that there are some faculties or departments you can't transfer to. Purchasing the form does not also guarantee that your change of course will be successful.
  Since your have been given admission into a new course, it is advisable to make extensive research on the course, e.g job opportunities., advantages/disadvantages of the course, And also ask yourself questions like- will i be able to cope with the course throughout my stay in uniben? etc. Such research and feasibility study will enable you  know your stand. 

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top said...

How do you know when the form comes out and can u transfer from agric to pharmacy

top said...
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Ejini Emmanuel said...

you will be notified via this page. Also when you intend tranferring make sure you inform your course adviser, he is in the best position to guide you.

Anonymous said...

i was admitted via DE to department of linquistic studies but i applied for mass communication,someone told me dat linquistic dept. does not accept DE candidates to 200l, pls admin is dat true???? Thanks alot

Ejini Emmanuel said...

it is the University of Benin that gave you the admission not the person who told you. Since you been given admission, discard that info.

Unknown said...

Pls can a 200L engineering student probate?