Saturday 26 November 2016

Gunmen attack residence of UNIBEN lecturer, kill 4-yr-old daughter- See details!!!

“The killers of my lovely, lively Aisosa will never know peace. Their lives will be cut shot in their prime. In fact, devil has completed their duplex in hell. They have murdered joy and
they will never have reason to be joyous again”. A wailing sympathizer cursed.
“This is wickedness, man’s inhumanity to man, brutal, callous, gruesome, barbaric and devilish. This evil act most be redressed, the perpetrators will certainly not go unpublished. The soul of innocent Aisosa will forever torment her killers. Whoever has a hand in this atrocity will confess, go blind and run mad. But why? Why? Why? A woman cursed and quizzed rhetorically.
It was gathered that a deafening bang of invasion and the ensuing screams for help woke baby Aisosa Ogbeide, four years old , and her other two siblings whom hysterically ran out of their room and located their parents who were already held captive at the lobby by one of the armed invaders who was shouting, “Where is the money? Where is the gold?”.

The youngest child, about two years old is awaiting possible surgery to extract the billets that lodged in her jaw as she is currently nursing bullet wounds on her head.As the terror ranged inside their apartment that fateful morning, innocent and defenceless baby Aisosa and her siblings were thinking that they had found protection in their parents, then, the unexpected happened. An unprovoked gunman who was standing in their sitting room during the operation suddenly opened fire on the children killing baby Aisosa instantly while her brother and younger sister sustained varying degrees of bullet wounds.   
After the tragedy, the gunmen went ahead to rob their parents of two laptops, phones, iPad, wristwatches, perfumes and other yet to be known valuables  leaving behind anguish, agony, blood, pains, sorrow and tears, pains.
When WEEKEND OBSERVER visited the residence at 10, Enadeghe Street, Off Ughowo-Lagos Road, Evbuomore quarters, Benin City, last Wednesday, sympathizers thronged the apartment of the bereaved young couple.
It was observed that the handle of the silver-plated key on the door between the sitting room and the lobby was perforated by the bullets which after hitting the children, also went ahead and riddled part of the opposite wall of the lobby.
Investigation further revealed that the gunmen may have claimed the blocks arranged beside the perimeter wall fence surrounding the house in the next compound.


The hoodlums finally entered their victims’ apartment after they pulled off the twisted iron burglar proof in one of the sitting room windows.   
The unfortunate incident, our reporter also observed, has opened a dark chapter in the seven years old marriage of the couple, Dr Kingsley Ogbeide, a lecturer in Engineering at the University of Benin, (UNIBEN), and his wife, Mrs Ogbeide, a civil servant.
Narrating his ordeal, Dr Kingsley Ogbeide stated that about 4pm on Saturday, November 19, 2016 he opened the slide on one of the windows in the sitting room for fresh air to douse the heat that was inside his apartment.
He said further that suddenly a flash from a torch beamed on him followed by a voice that ordered him to open his door.
“We started scampering for safety, raised alarm to nearby neighbours, then the children woke up, we all ran to the lobby, before two minutes they broken the protector and they were already inside. 
“When they entered they started asking where is the money where is the gold. I said we don’t have money or gold. Truthfully I was only having five hundred Naira N500.00 in my wallet. My wife had no money. We are just civil servants. We told them that there are laptops, though they still took the laptops and phones.
“Being that the lobby door was a bit closed, one of them suddenly shot through the door and the bullet hit one of my daughters,  a four and a half years old daughter who died on the spot while the other two children sustained some level of injuries.
“I don’t know why he shot because the door was not locked, even the other robber was now quarrelling with him saying why did you shot? Look! Now you have killed a girl”. Dr Ogbeide narrated.
The bereaved lecturer stated further that they are strictly civil servant as they have never received a guest who is into business that would give the impression that they had money and gold in the house.
He however appealed to government to create jobs and empower the youths to reduce such terror in the society.

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BENJAMIN said...

Hmmm, This is wickedness of the highest order

Ogochukwu Isioma said...

Na waoh

promz said...

They will know no peace as the blood of that child will be upon them

promz said...

They will know no peace as the blood of that child will be upon them